photo of Rachel Allgeier

Program Documentation, Accountability, and Compliance

The Office of Program Documentation, Accountability and Compliance provides a wide range of services to students, faculty and staff related to educator preparation programs, accreditation and certification.  For students, the office serves as the primary contact for admission to teacher education and for state-issued teaching certificate recommendations.

The office also maintains close working relationships with staff at the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board, and works with UK program faculties on matters relating to national accreditation.

We offer assistance to students, faculty, and staff in the following areas:

  • Teacher Education Admissions and Data Processing – Accepts applications for admission to educator preparation programs, provides official communication to applicants regarding their status in educator preparation at UK, and makes sure that all admitted candidates have been recorded with the KY EPSB
  • Recommendation of Candidates for State Educator Certification – Accepts teacher certification paperwork, verifies completion of educator preparation programs, when necessary verifies completion of state testing requirements, and recommends candidates to state agencies for issuance of a state educator certificate
  • UK Educator Preparation Program Documentation – Supports the documentation of educator preparation programs for accreditation purposes. It participates in the maintenance of UK’s educator preparation accreditation website
  • CEPIS Student Computer Data Portal – Develops and maintains the CEPIS data system, which is used by students and faculty to manage advising, admissions, and tracking of students through educator preparation programs
  • Compliance Support – Maintains documents and records to verify compliance with all regulations governing educator preparation
  • Reporting – Participates in a variety of annual reporting projects, as well as developing web-based reporting applications relating to educator preparation