Apply for your teacher education program using your linkblue credentials

here through the UK Ed Prep System.

All applicants for teacher preparation programs will complete a standard application process and will be assessed through a rigorous interview procedure with a specific program admissions committee. Students who are not admitted to a teacher preparation program may apply again at a later date.


How often can I apply for admission to teacher education?
Answer: There are two times to apply for TEP each year, in the Fall and the Spring.  Check this website for the dates.

Do the MIC and MAT students apply during the regular times?
Answer: No… Please contact the Departmental DGS for details.  Normally, there is only one application period for MIC and MAT programs.


Please contact Christopher Reese at for more information about the Teacher Education Program (TEP) Application.



Conditional Admission to TEP Allowed for Fall 2020

Due to the COVID-19 health crisis, The Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB) has allowed a temporary waiver of the Praxis Core exam for TEP admission for the Fall of 2020.  Students will be allowed to apply and be conditionally admitted between now and the Fall of 2020 without having submitted passing Praxis Core exam scores.  This conditional admission will only last through the Fall 2020 semester.  Any student who has not submitted passing Praxis Core exams both to UK and to the EPBS by the end of the Fall 2020 semester will be withdrawn from their TEP program.

PRAXIS Core Testing At Home!

The Educational Testing Service (who administers the Praxis Core) announced that they will now offer teacher candidates the opportunity to take the Praxis Core at home this summer. See here for more information:  (May 11th update). The Praxis Core temporary waiver for the Fall TEP application cycle is still in effect. However, this remote testing option might be a great way for you to take the tests in a safe setting, and to try to pass the tests in advance of the September 8th-11th application deadline (and hopefully not have to take or re-take tests in the Fall).

New Registration Code for Praxis CORE Exam
See this page ( for the correct registration codes for the Praxis Core tests (Reading, Writing, Math) for Kentucky TEP admission (listed under Educator Preparation Entry Assessment).
Kahn Academy Offers Free Praxis Tutoring

Remember that the Khan Academy offers free tutoring for the Praxis Core: