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Applying to the College of Education

We are here to help make the admissions process easier and guide you throughout your journey toward an undergraduate or graduate degree from the College of Education. If you have questions during the application process, you may contact our Director of Recruitment, Jenna DeMastes: (859) 218-2698 or


Undergraduate Admissions

Applicants interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree in the College of Education must first apply to the University through the Office of Undergraduate Admission. On the application, you are able to select a major you are interested in within the College of Education. Please note that there is not a separate application for an applicant who is declaring a major in the College of Education.

Students seeking teacher certification must apply to the Teacher Education Program after completion of 30-60 hours at the undergraduate level (depending on the program). Contact an academic advisor for more information on applying into the Teacher Education Program.

List of Undergraduate Programs in the College of Education



Graduate Admissions

If you seek admission to a graduate program in the College of Education, visit the website of the program of interest or consult the Director of Graduate Studies in the program to which you are applying. Each program’s website will give you details on the admissions process and requirements, directions on how to apply, and deadlines.

After reviewing the details and requirements of the individual program, you may apply to the UK Graduate School.

List of Graduate Programs in the College of Education