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Welcome to the Office of Research (OOR)! We are here to support the research proposals both extramurally and internally funded for College of Education faculty, students, and staff. The OOR goal is to foster research engagement, connect faculty, postdocs, graduate, and undergraduate students to research resources and collaborators, and offer timely support throughout the research and grant planning process. The support includes but is not limited to identifying potential sources for funding, offering events and activities to help support collaborative research work, reviewing proposal application text, and supplying recommendations to improve proposal application content. The office provides research consultations on a regular basis to discuss project ideas and potential ways to move forward with successful applications.

To meet the staff in the College of Education Office of Research, please visit Meet the Research Support Team.

Proposal Preparation and Editing Services

The OOR offers proposal and research consultations to discuss application preparation timelines and activities, searches for funding opportunities and collaborators, COE CReW (Collaborating in Research Work) opportunities, writing, and general proposal preparation services. For help with a proposal, please reach out to Shana Moore, Senior Grant Editor, at for additional information.

External Grants

Additionally, the university has a dynamic and comprehensive research office offering events, training, and services for researchers both pre- and post-award. Specifically, the University of Kentucky’s Proposal Development Office (PDO) assists researchers in finding funding for research, training, and demonstration projects. Comprehensive services include e-mailing lists for receiving topical funding notices, customized funding searches, and information about limited submissions currently underway at UK. Additionally, the university subscribes to Pivot-RP, a search engine for funding opportunities. For a list of federal opportunities, investigators can also search Some government agencies send e-mail notices about their grant programs to individuals registered with their websites. Examples include the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute for Education Sciences and the National Science Foundation.

For a list of federal opportunities, investigators can also search Some government agencies send e-mail notices about their grant programs to individuals registered with their websites. Examples include the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute for Education Sciences and the National Science Foundation.

Internal Grants

University of Kentucky faculty, staff, and students have opportunities to apply for research grants awarded within the UK community. Some of these programs are ongoing and others occur on a limited basis. The college offers two funding opportunities COE ENSPIRE and COE UNITY. More information on these programs can be found on the Internal Research Resource SharePoint site.

For faculty:

The Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) provides Internal Research Support Programs to UK faculty members on a competitive basis. Several other organizations across campus offer internal funding opportunities and a list of potential opportunities is available for college faculty, staff, and students on the Internal Research Resource SharePoint site.

For students:

The Graduate School provides support for thesis and dissertation research contingent upon available funds. In addition, some of the College of Education Scholarships and Fellowships are established expressly to support students’ research.

Preparing a Grant

Collaborative Grant Services (CGS) is a new initiative to streamline external research proposal applications.

Once you have identified a funding opportunity of interest, investigators should submit a Proposal lnitiation Form (PIF) to Collaborative Grant Services (CGS) early on in the process. A

CGS representative will help facilitate the application process, assist with the preparation of budgets and budget narratives, and help route an Electronic Internal Approval Form (eIAF).

The OOR also manages an up-to-date internal research resource site with highlighted funding opportunities, a list of internal research events, newsletters, and COE-CReW opportunities. Please visit the COE-OOR Research SharePoint site.

Extramural Funding Reports

The College of Education’s extramural funding indicates steady growth both in individual awards as well as multidisciplinary, collaborative endeavors.  Descriptions of completed and currently funded projects may be found by visiting the website for the Office of Sponsored Projects Information Files (SPIFi). On the SPIFi site, click “Search Now” near the bottom of the page. If you enter the 8GXXX unit and department code (provided below) you can see a list of extramural funding for each department in our college.  The space to enter the department code is near the bottom of the search page.

Unit and Departmental Codes for searching the SPIFi

Curriculum and Instruction (EDC) 8G020 (859) 257-4661
Educational, School and Counseling Psychology (EDP) 8G030 (859) 257-4661
Educational Leadership Studies (EDL) 8G010 (859) 257-8921
Educational Policy and Evaluation (EPE) 8G060 (859) 257-3178
Kinesiology and Health Promotion (KHP) 8G040 (859) 257-5826
Early Childhood, Special Education and Counselor Education (EDSCE) 8G070 (859) 257-3834
STEM Education (STEM) 8G050 (859) 257-4235
Other Education Units  8G250 (859) 257-6076

Funded Projects

The College of Education’s record for grants and research awards shows the diversity of interest among the faculty as well as steady growth in research activity. Currently, there is more than $30 million in active research funding at the College of Education.


Post-award services are offered to increase project management efficiency as well as aid our very busy faculty members and graduate students. Once a grant has been received, staff at the IER will help you navigate the cumbersome grant management protocol and liaison with the many offices involved in this process. If you wish to use any of these free services, please contact Tammy Medaris. You will find her working diligently in TEB 105. Other ways you may contact Tammy include through email or by phone at (859) 257-3792.

Services Offered:
  • Grant Account Management Services:
  • Process requests for no-cost extensions and/or budget transfers
  • Assist with and submit for for sub-contractors and consultants
  • Ensure DOE (Distribution of Effort) accuracy for grants
  • Monthly reconciliation of grant budget
  • Maintain grant files appropriate for inspection by internal and external auditors
  • Provide grant close-out assistance (along with OSPA and SPA)
Liaison Departments: