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UK Educator Preparation Programs are accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and approved by the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board.  The following policies of the UK Educator Preparation Unit ensure that programs are in compliance with Kentucky regulations and in accordance with NCATE accreditation standards.

Policy on Admission Retention and Completion

All UK Educator Preparation Programs utilize a common policy on Admissions, Retention and Completion.  This policy includes attention to the following:

  • Continuous Assessment of Candidates
  • GPA Rules for Teacher Preparation
  • Standards and Standard Sets Required for Program Completion
  • Clinical Experiences, including Student Teaching
  • Code of Ethics and the Character and Fitness Review
  • Appeals

Policy on Literacy Requirements

  • Candidates enrolled in programs for teachers of Middle, Secondary, 7-12, and P-12 students shall demonstrate knowledge and skills in teaching adolescent literacy across the disciplines as specified in the six standards of the International Literacy Association (ILA) for middle and high school content classroom teachers, as published in the “Standards for Reading Professionals – Revised 2010.”
  • This UK Unit plan for developing knowledge and skills in teaching adolescent literacy across the disciplines has been prepared to be in compliance with EPSB Regulation 16 KAR 5:060; Literacy Program Requirements for Middle School, High School, Grades 5-12, and Grades P-12 Certification Programs.

Policy on Field Experience Assignments

The University of Kentucky Educator Preparation Program Faculties believe that a strong clinically-based educator preparation program is the best way to prepare teachers for today’s P12 schools.  The materials identified in this policy document demonstrate the care and planning which has gone into making sure that the field experience activities and assignments which are a part of every professional education course are pertinent, challenging, and effective in immersing the candidate in the world of the P12 schools and their associated communities.

Policy on Student Teaching and Other Intensive Clinical Experiences

The final field experience (student teaching or other intensive clinical experience) provides a bridge between professional preparation and professional practice. For initial preparation programs, student teaching is an intense and sustained experience of at least one full semester (70 days) which allows candidates to demonstrate their ability to apply educational theories and instructional methodologies which are needed for successful practice as an educator.  Many policies for student teaching are specified in Kentucky administrative regulation relating to all aspects of student teaching.