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In an effort to facilitate the movement from one state to another, the UK College of Education will attempt to link to the teacher certification requirements for the 50 States. We recognize that States are continually revising their teacher certification/licensure rules and requirements. Accordingly, we link to the best available information.

For questions about the certification requirements for a specific state, please refer to the contact information contained in the links for the individual states. You might want to look at the certification requirements for your appropriate state and then look for employment/position announcements in the state in which you’re interested.


Illinois Montana Rhode Island
Alaska Indiana Nebraska South Carolina
Arizona Iowa Nevada South Dakota
Arkansas Kansas New Hampshire Tennessee
California Kentucky New Jersey Texas
Colorado Louisiana New Mexico Utah
Connecticut Maine New York Vermont
Delaware Maryland North Carolina Virginia
D.C. Massachusetts North Dakota Washington
Florida Michigan Ohio West Virginia
Georgia Minnesota Oklahoma Wisconsin
Hawaii Mississippi Oregon Wyoming
Idaho Missouri Pennsylvania Puerto Rico

Want to Become a Certified Teacher in Kentucky?

We would be happy to explain the process and we can even give you a tour of our campus! Check out our Admissions pages for more information and contact details.

NOTE: This Certification by State page is intended to help you gather planning information on states of your choice. We are not responsible for the content beyond the scope of this site. For questions regarding certification in states other than Kentucky, please refer to the contact information contained in the links for the individual location.