General Materials

Doctoral Program (PhD) Materials

Master’s Program (MS) Materials

Practicum Materials

  • Practicum Guidelines (revised 7/26/18) – essential information all CP students must know about how to apply and succeed in practicum.  Read this carefully prior to the Practicum Open House each spring semester.
  • UK CP Practicum Site Encyclopedia (Restricted) – a curated database of agencies that UK CP students may be eligible to complete clinical practicum at.
  • UK CP Student Evaluation of Practicum Site Summary (Restricted) – summarizes student feedback about the nature, pro’s, and con’s of their training experience at various practicum sites.
  • 2019 Practicum Open House Letter (currently under revision) – Practicum Site Supervisors & Training Directors interested in taking our practicum students should review this letter.
  • Introduction to UK Counseling Psychology Practicum Trainees –  Practicum Site Supervisors & Training Directors interested in taking our practicum students should review this introduction.
  • Practicum Hours Record – To keep track of your clinical hours during practicum, you have a few options. You can track your hours using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file (e.g., Example 1, Example 2), use the online tracking service Time2Track, or use an alternative online tracking platform such as PsyKey.  See the instructions in your practicum syllabus for how to submit your Practicum Hours Record to your faculty practicum instructor.  If you wish to get a doctorate and thus will need to apply for pre-doctoral internship, you will need to report your clinical hours in this way.
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) (revised 9/28/18) – Signed by the trainee, practicum site individual supervisor, and faculty practicum instructor at the start of each semester.  This ensures mutual transparency about trainee goals and the supervisory relationship.  This MOU is NOT used by PhD students at UKCC, as UKCC has its own MOU.
  • Practicum Supervisor Evaluation of Student (revised 12/6/18) – online evaluation completed by the field supervisor.  Provide this hyperlink to the supervisor, telling them this is how they will submit their final Evaluation of you.  Upon filling out the Evaluation, the automatically generated summary report should be printed/saved by the supervisor and signed by both the supervisor and student, who should then email a PDF of the doubly-signed report to the faculty practicum instructor by Finals Week.  The instructor will place it in your permanent SharePoint file. You are encouraged to bring the paper version (don’t use this for the official final Evaluation) to your second-to-last supervision session with your field supervisor so that the two of you can have an open discussion about your perceived performance, so that the supervisor can give you the most accurate ratings possible on the final evaluation.
    • Please note that UKCC practicum supervisors will instead fill out a slightly different paper version of the Evaluation provided by the supervisor, which the students should (1) enter rating-for-rating and word-for-word into the electronic Evaluation on their behalf and then (2) scan the doubly-signed paper Evaluation to PDF for emailing to the faculty practicum instructor.  Please note that the UKCC version of the Evaluation is slightly different, in that it does not have the two Socio-Contextual-Development Perspective items–just mark “NA” for these two items when entering ratings into the electronic Evaluation on their behalf.
  • Practicum Student Evaluation of Site – online evaluation completed by the practicum student.  The student should use this link to submit their evaluation of their practicum site, by the last practicum class for each semester.  This data is used to create the UK CP Student Evaluation of Practicum Site Summary listed at the top of this section.
  • Practicum Paperwork Protocol Descriptions for Practicum Syllabi (revised 7/26/18) – descriptions for us by faculty in their practicum syllabi.  These descriptions align with the latest revision of the Practicum Guidelines and program Handbooks.

Restricted Files

UK Counseling Psychology students and faculty can view the restricted files page, which is password protected.  Please email Dr. Hammer to request the password.