General Materials

Orientation to Our Department/Program


 Funding, Tuition

  • EDP Student Travel Funding Policy (revised 11-4-19) – instructions for applying for travel funding from EDP Chair by the April 15th (for travel between 7/1 and 11/30) and November 1st (for travel between 12/1 and 6/30) deadlines
  • UK Graduate Student Congress (GSC) Travel, Research, and Service Awards information
  • UK Graduate School, Student Funding website – provides information on assistantships, fellowships, funding opportunities, and the UK Graduate School, Graduate School Incentive Program
  • UK Tuition and Fees – look up the correct year’s cost for graduate students who are either in or out of state
  • Assistantships – to learn more about research assistantships (RAs), teaching assistantships (TAs), and graduate assistantships (GAs) that are currently seeking to hire a graduate student, check frequently.  Most assistantships for the next academic year are posted in the prior spring semester, though assistantships will continue to be posted in the summer and even the fall of that year (e.g., some positions don’t get funding approval until that same semester the assistant is supposed to start).  Keep regularly checking ukjobs so that you can apply when desirable positions become available; deadlines for applying can be as short as two weeks.  Additional assistantships (e.g., TA positions within EDP) will be announced via the program/department listserv you are on.  It is common for our graduate students to be hired by campus units such as Academic Enhancement, Baptist Health, Department of Behavioral Science, Department of Psychology, Dean of Students Office, other College of Education departments (e.g., Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Department of Educational Policy Studies and Evaluation), Eastern State Hospital, Experiential Education, UK Graduate School, Health Sciences, Human Development Institute, Nursing Instruction, Student Affairs, etc.
  • College of Education Scholarships/Fellowships – can be applied for via this link and a PDF list of scholarships for students including graduate students is at this link.

Doctoral Program (PhD) Materials

Master’s Program (MS) Materials

Practicum Materials

  • Practicum Guidelines (revised 9/20/19) – essential information all CP students must know about how to apply and succeed in practicum.  Read this carefully in mid January.
  • Practicum Site Rankings Form – submit your preferences for where you will complete practicum next year.  Due by the first Monday of February each year, if you are planning to do practicum at a community site.
  • UK CP Practicum Site Encyclopedia (ask Dr. Hammer for password) – a curated database of agencies that UK CP students may be eligible to complete clinical practicum at.
  • UK CP Student Feedback about Prac Sites (ask Dr. Hammer for password) – summarizes student feedback about the nature, pro’s, and con’s of their training experience at various practicum sites.
  • UK CP Student Practicum at Eastern State Hospital, Special Instructions (ask Dr. Hammer for password) – provides instructions for what you must do once you have accepted an offer to complete practicum at Eastern State Hospital.
  • Practicum Placements List (ask Dr. Hammer for password) – list of the sites where students are currently completing practicum.  To be updated at the start of each semester by students.
  • Why Hire UK Counseling Psychology Practicum Students –  Practicum Site Supervisors & Training Directors interested in taking our practicum students should review this cost-benefit analysis of taking our practicum students.
  • Video Explanation of Practicum Protocol & Paperwork – Dr. Hammer walks students through the procedures and documentation required to receive a passing practicum course grade.
  • Practicum Hours Record – To keep track of your clinical hours during practicum, you have a few options. You can track your hours using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file (e.g., Example 1, Example 2), use the online tracking service Time2Track, or use an alternative online tracking platform such as PsyKey.  See the instructions in your practicum syllabus for how to submit your Practicum Hours Record to your faculty practicum instructor.  If you wish to get a doctorate and thus will need to apply for pre-doctoral internship, you will need to report your clinical hours in this way.
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) (revised 1/1/19) – signed by the student and on-site individual clinical supervisor during their first supervision session of the semester.  This ensures mutual transparency about trainee goals and the supervisory relationship.  This MOU is NOT used/submitted by practicum students at UKCC because UKCC has its own MOU.
  • Practicum Supervisor’s Evaluation of Student – online survey completed at the end of the semester by the on-site individual clinical supervisor regarding the professional performance of their community practicum supervisee.  (You can download the paper version of this Evaluation to see what it looks like in advance, but the final evaluation must be submitted via online survey.)  However, because UKCC uses a slightly different paper form version of this Evaluation, practicum students at UKCC will need to enter the Final ratings and free-response feedback, word for word, into this online survey on behalf of their supervisor.
  • Practicum Student Feedback about Site – online survey completed at the end of the semester by the practicum student.  This data is used to create the UK CP Student Feedback about Prac Sites listed at the top of this Practicum Materials section.
  • Language for use in our Practicum Syllabi (revised 1/30/19) – descriptions of practicum paperwork requirements (MOU, Hours, Evals) that will be included in EDP 664/665 practicum syllabi.  These descriptions align with the latest revision of the Practicum Guidelines and program Handbooks.

Restricted Files

UK Counseling Psychology students and faculty can view the restricted files page, which is password protected.  Please email Dr. Hammer to request the password.  Here’s a sample of additional materials this restricted files page contains:

Research and Academic Focused
  • Answering Nine Questions about Grad School Success (e.g., Mentoring)
  • How to Relate to Counseling Psychology Faculty
  • Research Presentation – Video Examples
  • Sample 8-minute APA Symposium Paper Presentation
  • List of Helpful Statistics, SPSS, and MPlus Tutorial Videos
  • List of Research Skill Development Resources
  • Counseling Psychology University Faculty Job Openings
  • Additional videos and resources on various topics germane to counseling psychology can be found on’s Webinar page.
Practice Focused
  • Intro to ORS and SRS for EDP 605 Students
  • ORS SRS Administration, Discussing, Graphing: Step-by-Step Guide
  • Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality (CAMS) Suicide Assessment Tutorial – empirically supported approach to addressing clients at risk for suicide (3 video series)
  • List of Counseling and Psychotherapy Demonstration Videos
  • Applying for Psychologist Licensure in Kentucky
For PhD Students Specifically
  • EDP Qualifying Exam Advice from Fall 2018 Cohort
  • Mock PreDoctoral Psychology Internship Interview #1, with Feedback
  • Mock PreDoctoral Psychology Internship Interview #2, with Feedback
  • Internship Application Advice Panel 2018
For MS Students Specifically
  • UK CP Doctoral Preparation Workshop (8/29/17) – Planning Your Master’s Years
  • UK CP Doctoral Preparation Workshop (10/4/16) – Personal Statement and CV Advice
  • Ask Dr. Hammer or Dr. Hargons for copies of Statements and CVs of successful applicants to doc programs
  • UK CP Doctoral Preparation Workshop (11/29/16) – Interviewing Well
  • Getting Into a PhD Program Advice
  • Answering Questions about Master’s Training, Licensure, and Practice in KY