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The Evaluation Center’s goal is to provide substantive, formative information to program stakeholders while also ensuring all funding evaluation requirements are met. To achieve these goals, the Evaluation Center’s goal employs a utilization-focused methodology to design evaluation plans. These plans consider how the evaluation process, from its initiation to completion, will be used to inform decision-making and improve performance. This tailored, use-centered approach better ensures the applicability and utility of evaluation findings.

To assist our partners in evaluating their programs, the Evaluation Center offers a number of services that span from initial consultation on grant proposals to final report development. A brief list of our services are listed below. For more information on how we can help you, please feel free to contact us.


We work with you to collaboratively design individualized formative and summative evaluation plans for grant proposals and for quality improvement. We will also assist in the development of evaluation plans designed to meet program monitoring needs and to guide program development.


The Evaluation Center has expertise in collecting and analyzing data from a variety of sources. The Evaluation Center conducts focus groups, field observations, and internet-based, mail, or telephone surveys. We will set up secure electronic data collection mechanisms and can assist you with utilization of existing qualitative and quantitative data sources for evaluation, including archival and primary data sources.

Additionally, the Evaluation Center has expertise in planning and executing long-term projects. The Evaluation Center will partner with your team to develop, plan, and manage single or multi-year evaluation projects that focus on timely completion of goals and robust data gathering strategies.


With expertise in both data analysis and report development, the Evaluation Center provides our partners with feedback intended to supply funding agencies with required information requirements while also focusing on the needs of the project’s personnel. In addition, the Evaluation Center can provide interim feedback on collected data to assist decision making during project implementation.

Interested in using our services? Contact us now.