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Faculty members strive to provide financial support for all doctoral students in the QPM program. Possibilities include fellowships and scholarships provided by the University of Kentucky and the College of Education, research assistantships on funded research projects, stipends made available by consulting services, and teaching assistantships.

Most financial supports cover a monetary stipend in addition to tuition remission and health benefits, contingent on good academic standing and sound job performance.

Teaching Assistantships

A teaching assistantship is assigned for a specific course. Current students may be provided with the opportunity to assist with teaching QPM courses including EDP/EPE 558, EDP/EPE 660, EDP/EPE 711, etc. QPM faculty members will announce potential teaching assistantship positions. For some advanced courses, interviews will be required. Qualified students will be notified by letter or email. Being a teaching assistant may require a commitment of up to 20 hours per week, which includes attending classroom meetings, holding office offices, lab hours, or learning center sessions, answering student questions, and/or grading.

Research Assistantships

Students may obtain research opportunities provided by individual faculty through grants, or from many research institutions or centers on and off campus (e.g., Evaluation Center, Human Development Institute). Being a research assistant requires a commitment of up to 20 hours per week, and the specific responsibilities vary according to the different job category. Current QPM graduate assistants work as consultants for grant applications, project design and implementation, and quantitative and psychometric analyses.

Student Funding from the College of Education

The College of Education offers a list of scholarships and fellowships to all students in the college. Detailed information can be found at the college webpage. Students must submit the application form by February 15. Fellows will be notified during the summer following the application deadline.

Student Funding from the Graduate School

The graduate school at UK offers a list of fellowships and scholarships that covers tuition, insurance, and stipend for current and future students. Detailed information could be found at the student funding page. Students applying for graduate school will automatically be considered for fellowships that include college of education if their GPA and other criteria are met.

Funding for Student Travel

Current students who plan to participate in national or international conferences may obtain student travel funding from the College of Education.