Welcome to the information page about the Counseling Psychology Online Q&A Session.

The 2019 Session was held on Monday, October 14th from 3pm to 4pm EST.

Panelists included counseling psychology graduate students and faculty (who are licensed psychologists).

Here’s the link to the Counseling Psychology Online Q&A Session, which was broadcast via YouTube Live.  The 17 questions asked and answered during the Session can be seen in the video’s description.

In addition to the info in this video, you can learn more about what counseling psychology is and how it is different from related fields like clinical psychology.  Information about our Master’s of Science (MS) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) counseling psychology programs is also available.  Additional resources include Graduate School Advice, What the Ideal Graduate School Applicant Looks Like, The Mental Health Professions Career Test, Best Doctoral Programs in Counseling Psychology, List of Master’s Programs in Counseling, and the How to Get Into a Counseling Psychology PhD Program video series.