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Curriculum & Instruction Graduate Programs

Application Information

Applications to graduate programs in Curriculum & Instruction are handled through the University of Kentucky’s Graduate School.  Visit the Graduate School’s website for more information about graduate study, important deadlines, and to begin your application!

Please note that different programs in C&I have different criteria for applications.  Please visit the page for the specific program you intend to apply for, in order to see that program’s application criteria.


The department of Curriculum & Instruction considers applications for graduate study on a rolling basis.  However, applications to our program also include applications to the Graduate School, which does have specific deadlines, depending upon the term you are applying for and other factors.  The latest deadline for domestic applicants is one month prior to the start of the semester, although we recommend submitting your application prior to that.  In order to be considered for a specific starting term, you should submit your applications by the following deadlines:

Domestic Applicants*
Fall term: July 15th
Spring term: December 15th
Summer term: April 1st

*Dates are approximate.  The Graduate School sets a deadline for domestic applicants that is one month prior to the start of classes.  However, we encourage you to submit your application sooner than this.

International Applicants
Fall term: March 15th
Spring term: August 22nd
Summer term: International applicants not considered for summer term

Assistantships & Funding

If you are planning to be a full-time student, the department of Curriculum & Instruction may be able to provide you with an assistantship.  Teaching assistantships typically cover the cost of your tuition for coursework, as well as provide a stipend of living money.  Please note that our department has a limited number of assistantships available, and applicants must meet specific criteria in order to hold an assistantship in C&I.

We encourage you to submit an application for assistantship!  Assistantship decisions for the upcoming academic year are typically made in March.  Therefore, you should submit your application for assistantship no later than February 15th. If you are applying past this deadline, we will gladly hold your application on file, in case additional assistantship opportunities arise.

Other funding opportunities also exist for graduate study.  Please visit the Graduate School’s website for more information regarding financial aid and other funding opportunities.  Additionally, your advisor may know of other opportunities for research or graduate assistantships.