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The University of Kentucky’s TEMP project is funded by the Commonwealth of Kentucky Consortium for Teacher Education Model Programs grant geared toward improving teacher quality and student achievement across the state. At UK, the project is a framework for advancing the quality of teacher education. It is an infrastructure for revising and sustaining a model teacher education program.

UK’s TEMP Project Goals:

  • The TEMP project at UK has several goals including
  • Improving the quality of educator preparation
  • Addressing achievement gap issues in partner schools
  • Providing meaningful professional development opportunities for practicing teachers
  • Increasing expertise in using technology as an instructional tool
  • Enhancing recruitment of talented future educators (particularly from underrepresented populations) who have the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to foster life-long learning and growth in students

Participating Schools

Project Framework

As part of this inquiry-based project, teachers from participating schools engaged in action research in their classrooms. Each identified an area of focus based on her school’s Kentucky Core Content Tests (KCCT) data and other classroom assessments. The teachers then developed implementation plans to address identified student achievement needs in their classrooms. Seminars were set up for teachers including experts from P-12 and UK (Colleges of Education and Arts & Sciences) to help them brainstorm, reflect, and refine their implementation plans. Seminars also provided a forum for getting feedback from peers and other experts. At the conclusion of the project, participating teachers presented their projects at a culminating symposium, after which they wrote and submitted project reports.

Sample Project Reports:

For additional information contact Sharon Brennan.