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Student teaching represents the culminating field experience for all teacher education programs that prepare candidates for initial certification and is regarded as clinical practice because of its intense and extended nature. During this experience, teacher candidates work in one or more school settings all day, every day for a minimum of 70 days under the supervision of classroom teachers and university faculty. In order to ensure high quality experiences, the College has established a Partner Network, described in the Field & Clinical Placement Policy where candidates complete field student teaching placements.

Sites are selected using specific criteria linked directly to program goals, accreditation standards, and certification requirements. After an initial orientation period, student teachers gradually assume increased responsibilities for instruction including sustained periods of full control of the classroom. Teacher candidates must student teach in our Partner Network. We have sites in Central Kentucky and in host schools outside the United States. Most international placements are made through the Consortium of Overseas Student Teaching (COST) program.

If you are planning to student teach, note the following important resources:

How to Apply

To apply for student teaching, please read the following information and then complete the application at

Application deadlines for student teaching in Spring 2025:

  • April 19, 2024 for anyone other than MAT, MIC, or MATWL
  • August 23, 2024 for MAT, MIC, and MATWL

Application deadline for student teaching in Fall 2025:

  • November 30, 2024

If student teaching overseas, you must submit the application mentioned above AND an additional, separate application located here.

Professional Affiliation and Liability Coverage

Consider joining a professional organization before you begin extended work in the schools. In addition to taking your first step toward professional affiliation, you will be able to purchase inexpensive, valuable liability insurance. We strongly recommend that student teachers carry such insurance. While no UK student has ever been named in a lawsuit resulting from a school placement, this liability insurance offers a sense of security since the University of Kentucky takes no legal responsibility if a student is named in a lawsuit.

Professional organizations offer liability insurance and provide a variety of other benefits. Such organizations include:

Both organizations also accept applications online through their websites.


Do not overschedule when planning for the student teaching semester. A student may enroll in student teaching in one of the educator preparation programs provided they have scheduled no more than 3 hours of college work to be carried during the final clinical experience, e.g., student teaching with no classes scheduled to interfere with the student teaching assignment.

Since coursework must begin after the end of the school day, do not schedule courses before 4 p.m. In addition, you should not schedule any other activities, including work, before 4 p.m. It is very important to minimize involvement in outside activities during this semester to achieve the greatest benefit of the student teaching assignment.

For additional information, contact Bill Forker. UK Bulletin archives with guidelines for students are available here: