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LEXINGTON, Ky. (Feb. 5, 2021) — The Human Development Institute (HDI) has developed a series of dynamic one-hour lecture and seminar style presentations available at the University of Kentucky. These presentations cover an array of topics that include foundational lectures on disability, advocacy, health, employment, universal design and assistive technology.

While the content is expansive, the common theme is around building inclusive communities. Presenters are people with disabilities, family members of people with disabilities and other interdisciplinary experts.

Visit to review the titles and descriptions of presentations included in the series. 

To schedule a presentation for your class in the 2021 Spring semester, contact Caroline Gooden at


Mental Health On-line Modules

The Human Development Institute (HDI) at the University of Kentucky is part of the Mental Health and Developmental Disability National Training Center. We have 8 online modules on mental health and DD, around disability, autism, intellectual disability, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and mental health therapy.

They are free and available at:

Peroxisomal Disorders Conference 2021 (info to come)

Plan to attend the Global Foundation for 2021  More to come 






·    DAY 1: March 1, 2021

·    DAY 2: March 2, 2021

·    DAY 3: March 3, 2021

·    DAY 4: March 4, 2021

·    DAY 5: March 6, 2021

·    DAY 6: March 8, 2021

·    DAY 7: March 22, 2021

·    DAY 8: March 29, 2021





·    March 2, 2021 – Dr. Judy Cameron Speaks on the Impact of Stress on the Developing Brain

·    March 3, 2021 – Dr. Jude Nicholas Speaks on Tactile-Bodily Working Memory

·    March 4, 2021 – Dr. Paul Hart Speaks on Getting in the Zone

·    March 6, 2021 – Family Day at the Texas Symposium on Deafblind Education

·    March 8, 2021 – Katy ISD Team Speaks about Transition from ECI to ECSE and International Representatives Discuss Education in the Western Hemisphere

·    March 22, 2021 – Maurice Belote, California Deafblind Services Project Coordinator Speaks about Cognitive Closure




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