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Life Fitness (Fitness and sports skills classes for non-majors)

The Kinesiology and Health Promotion (KHP) Life Fitness Program provides an essential service to the students at the University of Kentucky. In this program students have the opportunity to learn individual and team sports skills and/or improve their level of fitness.

Currently 27 different courses are offered each year and over 1,200 students participate in the program. The classes are taught by members of the KHP Department and Department Graduate Teaching Assistants who possess expertise in the areas of health and physical education. The dance classes we offer are listed below under courses. For performing arts dance classes, contact the Department of Theatre at (859) 257-3297.

For further information, contact Marilyn Nehls, Ph.D., Director of the Lifetime Fitness Program at (859) 257-2525 or

Program Objectives

The KHP Life Fitness Program seeks to:

  1. Provide participants of all levels (beginning, intermediate, and advanced) with physical fitness opportunities through general exercise, physical activity, and conditioning to enable them to pursue a physically active lifestyle.
  2. Acquaint participants with the equipment used in an activity and its proper care as well as acquaint students with the physical, social, mental, emotional and recreational values inherent in the activity.
  3. Help cultivate a positive attitude toward participation in sport or exercise programs on a regular basis and throughout life.
  4. Aid in developing fundamental skills, tactics and strategies regarding various activities to enable the participant to play, appreciate, and enjoy it now and throughout their lives.


In Life Fitness courses, attendance is a critical component. The student's grade is based, in part, on physically showing up to the class and participating in activity, and missing too many classes can result in an automatic failure. All the Life Fitness Program courses have an attendance policy. The number of absences permitted without affecting the final grade and the number of points deducted from the final numerical grade are based on the class length and the number of class meetings. Additionally, some Life Fitness courses include syllabus quizzes, assignments, midterm exams, and final exams. If you audit a class, you must attend on a regular basis.

Required Materials

Most Life Fitness Courses do not require the purchase of a textbook. However, there are other fees and/or requirements associated with some of the courses.


Since students will be physically active in all courses, proper workout attire is expected. During any court activities (i.e., tennis or basketball) students must wear appropriate shoes that have clean soles. Be prepared to dress in proper clothing when participating in outdoor classes. Additional dress requirements for specific classes will be explained in the course syllabi.


The Life Fitness Program offers a wide variety of courses for students. All courses are for one hour credit except First Aid & Emergency Care, which is two credits. Life Fitness offerings may vary by semester, but current offerings include:

Fitness Courses

  • Awesome Abs
  • Weight Training
  • Kickboxing
  • Walk/Jog
  • Pilates
  • Tai Chi
  • Yoga
  • Physical Activity for Stress Relief

Team Sports

  • Competitive Basketball
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Badminton
  • Beginning Tennis

Other Courses

  • First Aid & Emergency Care (2 credits)