Evaluation Services

From consultation on performance measure development within grant proposals, to longitudinal mixed-methods data collection and analyses, to training and technical assistance, the Evaluation Center is available to partner with you on all your evaluation and assessment needs.

The Evaluation Center employs utilization-focused methods to design evaluation plans that consider how the evaluation process, from its initiation to completion, will affect use. Our tailored, use-centered approach better ensures the applicability and utility of evaluation findings.

Design and Implement Evaluation Plans

We work with you to collaboratively design and implement individualized formative and summative evaluation plans for grant proposals, for quality improvement, to meet program monitoring needs, and to guide program development.

Data Collection and Analysis

The Evaluation Center conducts focus groups, field observations, and internet-based, mail, or telephone surveys. We will set up secure electronic data collection mechanisms and can assist you with utilization of existing qualitative and quantitative data sources for evaluation, including archival and primary data sources.

Training and Technical Assistance in Evaluation

The Evaluation Center will provide technical assistance to address your program’s needs including site visits, program walk-throughs, and preparation of program impact and effectiveness reports. We can conduct evaluation workshops, webinars, and teleconferences to support your evaluation work.

How to Contract for Evaluation Services

  • Start talking with the Evaluation Center early to involve team members in the proposal development and budgeting processes.
  • Many federal, state, and foundation funding agencies recommend a minimum of 10% of the total grant award be spent on evaluation (e.g., $50,000 annually of a $500,000 award).
  • Include a line for evaluation services on your proposal budget.
  • Upon award, the budget officer will set up a scope account for evaluation services using the contractual line amount. This allows for clean budgeting and fiscal management on the part of both the sponsor and the College of Education.

The type of contract or payment structure will depend on whether the contracting agency is in the College of Education (COE entity), is a non-COE UK entity, or is a non-UK entity. Contracts are typically fixed-price, with a set amount for completion of the evaluation scope of work.

Submit Your Request for Evaluation Services

To submit a new request, please complete the form below. Your responses on this form will help us tailor our evaluation plan proposal to your specific needs. Please contact the Evaluation Center at least three weeks prior to your proposal submission deadline to allow for substantive, utilization-focused evaluation plan development. Budgets of less than $15,000 annually for evaluation services will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

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