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About the Office of Clinical Preparation & Partnerships

The Office of Clinical Preparation and Partnerships provides leadership involving clinical educator preparation, student engagement activities, and building school and community partnerships, including Districts of Innovation and the STEAM Academy in Fayette County. We are responsible for development of Professional Pathways for Educator Excellence.

The Office oversees and facilitates the following initiatives:

  • Educator’s Rising in partnership with PDK International
  • Holmes Scholars Program in partnership with AACTE
  • GEAR UP Program in partnership with the Council on Postsecondary Education
  • STEAM Academy and Districts of Innovation
  • Biannual Summits with University of Louisville College of Education and Human Development
  • Statewide CEEDAR project in partnership with University of Louisville, Thomas More College, Kentucky Department of Education, and the Education Professional Standards Board
  • Office of Clinical Experiences and School Partnerships
  • P12 Mathematics and Science Outreach Unit (PIMSER)
  • EDLife and KHP Living Learning Communities
  • Engagement Collaborative
  • Student Support Team

Other Collaborations and Partnerships in the College of Education: