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The Exercise Physiology Lab at the University of Kentucky has the facilities and equipment for a wide variety of physiological and performance testing.

Lab Equipment

Body Composition Equipment

  • Underwater weighing
  • Bioelectrical impedance
  • Skinfolds

Cardiorespiratory Testing Equipment

  • Two metabolic carts that allow for the measurement of oxygen consumption during exercise or at rest using a canopy system
  • Traditional 12-lead electrocardiograph (EKG) or with telemetric heart rate monitors
  • 5  treadmills
  • Pendulum and pan-loaded cycle ergometers
  • Arm crank ergometer
  • Traditional bell spirometers
  • Automated electronic spirometer, for the assessment of respiratory capacity and function

Other Equipment

  • Lactate analyzers
  • Electromyographs (EMG)
  • Wingate Anaerobic Test equipment, and load cells for measuring force output

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