Where Are They Now?

Graduates of the Educational Psychology program land positions in diverse fields. Below is a list of positions held by some of our Educational Psychology alumni.

Calah Ford (PhD, 2021)

Thesis title: “Framing Self-Efficacy Development: Precursors to Adolescents’ Sources of Self-Efficacy In Math”

Chair: Ellen Usher

Falynn Thompson (PhD, 2021), Postdoctoral Researcher, Judith Herb College of Education, University of Toledo

Dissertation title: “Whiteness Components Scale Development”

Chair: Kenneth Tyler

Caiti Griffiths (MS, 2021), Assistant Director of Academic Services, Bellarmine University

Thesis title: “‘I Felt Seen’: A Mixed-Methods Investigation of Culturally Responsive Teaching in Higher Education”

Chair: Ellen Usher

Xiao-Yin Chen (MS, 2020), Doctoral Student, Educational Psychology, University of Georgia

John Eric Novosel Lingat (PhD, 2020), Assessment Coordinator, Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness, University of Kentucky

Abigail Love (MS, 2016, PhD, 2019), Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Autism Spectrum Australia (ASPECT)

Dissertation title: “Measuring Police Officer Self-Efficacy for Working With Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Dissertation Chair: Ellen Usher

Thesis title: “Development of a Self-Efficacy Scale for Teachers’ Who Teach Kids With Autism Spectrum Disorder”

Thesis Chair: Michael Toland

John Witry (MS, 2019), Clinical Research Associate III, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Master’s paper title: “How Much Attention is Given to Self-Efficacy in Smoking Cessation Clinical Trials With Parents and Pregnant Women? A Review of Self-Efficacy Measures”

Chair: Ellen Usher

Brianna Weidner (MS, 2018)

ReShanta Beatty-Hazelbaker (PhD, 2018)

Dissertation title: “Believing in Achieving: Examining African American Women’s Doctoral Attainment”

Chair: Kenneth Tyler

Shanshan Hu (PhD, 2018), Senior Data Analyst, Virginia Health

Dissertation title: “Affect, Motivation, and Engagement in the Context of Mathematics Education: Testing a Dynamic Model of Interactive Relationships”

Chair: Xin Ma

Natasha Murray (PhD, 2018), Policy Analyst, Gates Foundation

Dissertation title: “Examining Academic Resilience Factors Among African American High School Students”

Chair: Xin Ma, Co-Chair: Kenneth Tyler

Jing Yuan (PhD, 2018), Faculty Member, Guangxi Normal University, Guilin, China

Dissertation title: “From Mean to Quantile: Rethinking Individual Differences in Mathematics Achievement and Mathematics Self-efficacy”

Chair: Xin Ma

Angela Tombari (PhD, 2017), Research Analyst, Kentucky Center for Education and Workforce Statistics

Dissertation title: “Dimensionality Analysis of the PALS Classroom Goal Orientation Scales

Chair: Michael Toland

Lauren Hargrave (PhD, 2017), Independent Research Consultant

Chelsea Adams (MS, 2017) New Skills for Youth Team Lead and Career Counselor, Lee County Public Schools, Kentucky

Renae Mantooth (MS, 2017) Earned PhD in 2020, North Carolina State University; Design Researcher, HKS, Inc.

Thesis title: “Learning Spaces and Self-Efficacy in Undergraduate Statistics

Chair: Ellen Usher

Zijia Li (PhD, 2016), Assistant Research Professor, National Institute for Early Education Research, Rutgers University

Caroline Gooden (PhD, 2016), Principal Investigator, Human Development Institute, University of Kentucky

Larry J. Grabau (PhD, 2016). Associate Dean for Academic Programs, College of Agriculture, University of Kentucky

Dissertation title: “Aspects of Science Engagement, Student Background, and School Characteristics: Impacts on Science Achievement of U.S. Students”

Chair: Xin Ma

Trisha Turner Douin (MS, 2016), Coordinator for Career Development, Berea College; Doctoral Student, Applied Sociology, University of Louisville

Thesis title: “Am I Able to Predict How I Will Do? Examining Calibration in an Undergraduate Biology Course”

Chair: Ellen Usher

Caihong Li (MS, 2015, PhD, 2018), Statistician, Center for Violence Against Women, University of Kentucky

Thesis title: “The Short Grit Scale: A Dimensionality Analysis

Chair: Michael Toland

Audrey Conway (MS, 2015), Doctoral Student, Educational Policy and Evaluation, University of Kentucky

Thesis title: “Autonomy Support in the Postsecondary Classroom: A Self-Determination Theory Perspective”

Chair: Ellen Usher

Amanda Butz (PhD, 2015), Director of Evaluation and Research, Wisconsin Institute for Science and Community Engagement (WISCIENCE), University of Wisconsin – Madison

Joanne Rojas (PhD, 2015), Research Project Manager, Postdoctoral Scholar, Human Development Institute, University of Kentucky

Dissertation title: “The Relationship Among Creativity, Grit, Academic Motivation, and Academic Success in College Students”

Chair: Kenneth Tyler

Natasha Mamaril (PhD, 2014), Associate Director of Undergraduate Research, The Grainger College of Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Dissertation title: “Measuring Undergraduate Students’ Engineering Self-Efficacy: A Scale Validation Study”

Chair: Ellen Usher

Kathryn Cunningham (PhD, 2014), Associate Director of Business, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Dissertation title: “Full-Time Non-Tenure Track Identity and Departmental Perspectives”

Chair: Fred Danner

Ashley Hall (MS, 2014), Research Project Manager, Center for Clinical and Translational Research, University of Kentucky

Dissertation title: “Investigating Ability Grouping and Self-Efficacy in Middle Grade Mathematics”

Chair: Kenneth Tyler, Co-chair: Ellen Usher

Alexandra Henchy (PhD, 2013), Director of Institutional Evaluation and Research, Asbury Theological Seminary

Dissertation title: “Review and Evaluation of Reliability Generalization Research

Chair: Fred Danner

Meng Fan (MS, 2013), Doctoral Student, Educational Statistics and Research Methods, University of Delaware

Thesis title: “Stability of Academic Performance Across Science Subjects Among Chinese Students”

Chair: Xin Ma

Raven Piercey (PhD, 2013), Senior Lecturer, Department of Behavioral Science, University of Kentucky

Dissertation title: “Reading Self-Efficacy in Early Adolescence: Which Measure Works Best?”

Chair: Ellen Usher

Timothy Conner (PhD, 2012), Assistant Professor, Department of Foundational and Graduate Studies in Education, Morehead State University

Dissertation title: “The Cultural Discontinuity Hypothesis: An Appalachian American Perspective”

Chair: Lynda Brown-Wright, Co-chair: Kenneth Tyler

George McCormick (PhD, 2012), Director, Office of Data Research and Evaluation (Retired 2014), Fayette County Public Schools, Lexington, KY

Dissertation title: “The Relationship of Parent Involvement in the Elementary School with Student Achievement on Standardized Assessments”

Chair: Fred Danner

Sarita Shukla (PhD, 2012), Lecturer, School of Educational Studies, University of Washington-Bothell

Dissertation title: “Ninth Graders’ Academic Engagement in Mathematics: The Role of Parental Involvement and Student Motivation”

Chair: Fred Danner