Where Are They Now?

Graduates of the Educational Psychology program land positions in diverse fields. Below is a list of positions held by some of our Educational Psychology alumni.

Abigail Love (MS, 2016, PhD, 2019), Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Autism Spectrum Australia (ASPECT)

Dissertation title: “Measuring Police Officer Self-Efficacy for Working With Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorder”

Dissertation Chair: Ellen Usher

Thesis title: “Development of a Self-Efficacy Scale for Teachers’ Who Teach Kids With Autism Spectrum Disorder”

Thesis Chair: Michael Toland

John Witry (MS, 2019), Clinical Research Associate III, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Master’s paper title: “How Much Attention is Given to Self-Efficacy in Smoking Cessation Clinical Trials With Parents and Pregnant Women? A Review of Self-Efficacy Measures”

Chair: Ellen Usher

ReShanta Beatty-Hazelbaker (PhD, 2018)

Dissertation title: “Believing in Achieving: Examining African American Women’s Doctoral Attainment”

Chair: Kenneth Tyler

Shanshan Hu (PhD, 2018), Senior Data Analyst, Virginia Health

Dissertation title: “Affect, Motivation, and Engagement in the Context of Mathematics Education: Testing a Dynamic Model of Interactive Relationships”

Chair: Xin Ma

Natasha Murray (PhD, 2018), Policy Analyst, Gates Foundation

Dissertation title: “Examining Academic Resilience Factors Among African American High School Students”

Chair: Xin Ma, Co-Chair: Kenneth Tyler

Jing Yuan (PhD, 2018), Faculty Member, Guangxi Normal University, Guilin, China

Dissertation title: “From Mean to Quantile: Rethinking Individual Differences in Mathematics Achievement and Mathematics Self-efficacy”

Chair: Xin Ma

Angela Tombari (PhD, 2017), Research Analyst, Kentucky Center for Education and Workforce Statistics

Dissertation title: “Dimensionality Analysis of the PALS Classroom Goal Orientation Scales”

Chair: Michael Toland

Lauren Hargrave (PhD, 2017), Independent Research Consultant

Dissertation title: “What do teachers think about educational psychology? Developing and validating the educational psychology practitioner scale”

Chair: Kenneth Tyler, Co-chair: Fred Danner

Chelsea Adams (MS, 2017) New Skills for Youth Team Lead and Career Counselor, Lee County Public Schools, Kentucky

Thesis title: “I Wonder What you Think of Me”

Chair: Ellen Usher

Renae Mantooth (MS, 2017) Doctoral Student, Design, North Carolina State University

Thesis title: “Learning Spaces and Self-Efficacy in Undergraduate Statistics”

Chair: Ellen Usher

Zijia Li (PhD, 2016), Assistant Research Professor, National Institute for Early Education Research, Rutgers University

Dissertation title: “Longitudinal Analysis for Ordinal Data Through Multilevel and Item Response Modeling: Applications to Child Observation Record (COR)”

Chair: Michael Toland

Caroline Gooden (PhD, 2016), Principal Investigator, Human Development Institute, University of Kentucky

Dissertation title: “An Investigation of the Relationship Between the Teachers’ Sense of Efficacy Scale and Preschool Children’s Literacy Outcomes: Multilevel Longitudinal Modeling and Longitudinal Measurement Invariance”

Chair: Michael Toland, Co-chair: Fred Danner

Larry J. Grabau (PhD, 2016). Associate Dean for Academic Programs, College of Agriculture, University of Kentucky

Dissertation title: “Aspects of Science Engagement, Student Background, and School Characteristics: Impacts on Science Achievement of U.S. Students”

Chair: Xin Ma

Trisha Turner Douin (MS, 2016), Coordinator for Career Development, Berea College; Doctoral Student, Applied Sociology, University of Louisville

Thesis title: “Am I Able to Predict How I Will Do? Examining Calibration in an Undergraduate Biology Course”

Chair: Ellen Usher

Caihong Li (MS, 2015, PhD, 2018), Statistician, Center for Violence Against Women, University of Kentucky

Thesis title: “The Short Grit Scale: A Dimensionality Analysis”

Chair: Michael Toland

Audrey Conway (MS, 2015), Doctoral Student, Educational Policy and Evaluation, University of Kentucky

Thesis title: “Autonomy Support in the Postsecondary Classroom: A Self-Determination Theory Perspective”

Chair: Ellen Usher

Amanda Butz (PhD, 2015), Director of Evaluation and Research, Wisconsin Institute for Science and Community Engagement (WISCIENCE), University of Wisconsin – Madison

Dissertation title: “Connecting the Dots: Social Capital and the College-Going Beliefs of Rural Appalachian Students”

Chair: Ellen Usher

Joanne Rojas (PhD, 2015), Research Project Manager, Postdoctoral Scholar, Human Development Institute, University of Kentucky

Dissertation title: “The Relationship Among Creativity, Grit, Academic Motivation, and Academic Success in College Students”

Chair: Kenneth Tyler

Natasha Mamaril (PhD, 2014), Associate Director of Undergraduate Research, The Grainger College of Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Dissertation title: “Measuring Undergraduate Students’ Engineering Self-Efficacy: A Scale Validation Study”

Chair: Ellen Usher

Kathryn Cunningham (PhD, 2014), Associate Director of Business, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Dissertation title: “Full-Time Non-Tenure Track Identity and Departmental Perspectives”

Chair: Fred Danner

Ashley Hall (MS, 2014), Research Project Manager, Center for Clinical and Translational Research, University of Kentucky

Dissertation title: “Investigating Ability Grouping and Self-Efficacy in Middle Grade Mathematics”

Chair: Kenneth Tyler, Co-chair: Ellen Usher

Alexandra Henchy (PhD, 2013), Director of Institutional Evaluation and Research, Asbury Theological Seminary

Dissertation title: “Review and Evaluation of Reliability Generalization Research”

Chair: Fred Danner

Meng Fan (MS, 2013), Doctoral Student, Educational Statistics and Research Methods, University of Delaware

Thesis title: “Stability of Academic Performance Across Science Subjects Among Chinese Students”

Chair: Xin Ma

Raven Piercey (PhD, 2013), Senior Lecturer, Department of Behavioral Science, University of Kentucky

Dissertation title: “Reading Self-Efficacy in Early Adolescence: Which Measure Works Best?”

Chair: Ellen Usher

Timothy Conner (PhD, 2012), Assistant Professor, Department of Foundational and Graduate Studies in Education, Morehead State University

Dissertation title: “The Cultural Discontinuity Hypothesis: An Appalachian American Perspective”

Chair: Lynda Brown-Wright, Co-chair: Kenneth Tyler


, Office of Data Research and Evaluation (Retired 2014), Fayette County Public Schools, Lexington, KY”]

Dissertation title: “The Relationship of Parent Involvement in the Elementary School with Student Achievement on Standardized Assessments”

Chair: Fred Danner

Sarita Shukla (PhD, 2012), Lecturer, School of Educational Studies, University of Washington-Bothell

Dissertation title: “Ninth Graders’ Academic Engagement in Mathematics: The Role of Parental Involvement and Student Motivation”

Chair: Fred Danner