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Potential Sources of Funding for Literacy Graduate Students

In general, information for graduate students (and all financial assistance) is available on the Financial Aid & Scholarships page.

Full and Partial Tuition Waivers

  1. You can also get tuition paid through the Kentucky Reading Project (KRP) (EDC 575) which can substitute in the Masters program for EDC 618.
  2. Partial tuition help is available through the Bluegrass Writing Project (BWP) (EDC 730) and the Economic Education course (EDC 730).
  3. The KRP and BWP provide at least 9 credit hours with full or partial tuition waived.
  4. You can also receive tuition waivers for up to 6 credit hours if you are a cooperating teacher. Information for those opportunities is available on the Cooperating Teacher Tuition Waiver page.

Graduate Scholarships and Financial Aid

  1. You may submit an application to be considered for various sources of funding including scholarships and financial aid on the Financial Aid & Scholarships page. Deadlines are as specified.
  2. There are also two literacy specific graduate scholarships. One of the literacy scholarships is more general in nature, and usually pays about $1000.  The other, the Joan Gipe Scholarship, is aimed toward those who teach or want to teach in high need schools or with special/marginalized populations.  The Joan Gipe Scholarship provides about $2500 for an academic year.

Research Assistantships

  1. If you can attend as a full-time student (i.e., take 9 credits per semester) you may apply for research assistantships that pay you a stipend and pay for all of your tuition. The amount of the stipend varies by position (i.e., some assistantships pay about $9000 per year and others pay about $18,000 per year).  The research assistantships require that you work 20 hours per week and take at least 9 credits each semester.  Research assistantships are available through individual faculty members who have funded grants.  We can assist you in trying to locate individuals who have such funding.

Graduate Assistantships and Teaching Assistantships

  1. Graduate assistantships and teaching assistantships are also available in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. These assistantships are typically provided for full-time (i.e., those taking 9 credits per semester) students.  Stipends generally are about $9,000 per year.  Graduate Assistantships also include tuition waivers.  Teaching assistantships do not include tuition waivers. Applications for assistantships may be directed to:

Dr. Kristen Perry, Director of Graduate Studies