The College of Education has a grants support office. The purpose of this office is to provide support for faculty and students who are seeking extramural funding. The support includes but is not limited to indentifying potential sources for funding, budget preparation, reviews proposal for compliance with University, State and Federal guidelines and laws, promotes the project among potential funding sources.

For specific answers about the project, contact Clair Abney or Nora Whitehead.

Your Responsibility
Coordinator’s Responsibilitiy
Develop original idea
Review the literature
Notify your chair and/or your advisor
Contact Proposal Development Office (SDO)
Identifies potential funding sources
Assists in proposal planning
Identifies UK w/ similar interests
Pre-Proposal Activities
Review potential sources
Prepare brief, informal proposal w/ budget est
Contact potential sponsors
Identifies previously funded projects
Assists in constructing pre-proposal
Serves as liaison w/ agency personnel
Draft Formal Proposal
Prepare complete draft of proposal
Prepare draft budget
IRB forms may be pending at proposal submission
Critiques proposal
CGOReviews the budget
Prepare and Submit Formal Proposal
Most of the proposals are on-line forms now and are submitted electronically, so it might be a good idea to revamp this whole section. As an example, the Internal Approval Form is the eIAF and is certified (not “signed”) and it’s routed through myUK. Also, it is important to include that it must be completed 10 days before the due date to the sponsor to meet the college deadline, and not less than 3 business days to OSPA before the due date. Maybe even have a link here to the OSAP website.
Reviews proposal for compliance with sponsor and UK guidelines
OSPA Transmits proposal to sponsor
Be available for negotiations and revisions
If not funded, request peer review comments
Resubmit as appropriate
Complete appropriate IRB forms
Determine status of pending proposal
Negotiate any changes
If funded, review terms and set up account
If not funded, assist in resubmission

The University of Kentucky’s Proposal Development Office (PDO) provides several services that assist members of the university community in finding funding for research, training, and demonstration projects. Services include e-mailing lists for receiving topical funding notices, customized funding searches, and information about limited submissions currently underway at UK.

PDO also provides workshops and training opportunities for those interested grant writing, reviews of draft proposals, institutional research descriptions, and other resources helpful in preparing a successful grant proposal.

The University of Kentucky also participates in the Community of Science/Scholars, and faculty members may learn about additional funding opportunities by registering at COS Funding Opportunities.

In addition, some government agencies send e-mail notices about their grant programs to individuals registered with their websites. Examples include the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute for Education Sciences, and the National Science Foundation.

University of Kentucky students and faculty have opportunities to apply for research grants awarded within the UK community. Some of these programs are ongoing and others occur on a limited basis.

For faculty:

The Office of the Vice President for Research provides internal grants to full-time UK faculty members on a competitive basis. The Research Support Guide lists available programs, deadlines, and application requirements.

For students:

The Graduate School provides support for thesis and dissertation research contingent upon available funds. In addition, some of the College of Education Scholarships and Fellowships are established expressly for the purpose of supporting students’ research; frequently these awards are for specific areas of study.

Clair Abney and Nora Whitehead, College Grants Officers, are assigned by the Office of Sponsored Projects Administration (OSPA) to the College of Education. They work with the faculty on the various aspects of grant proposal development.

The Office of Sponsored Projects Administration (OSPA) maintains the College Grants Office that is staffed by Clair Abney and Nora Whitehead. The College Grants Office provides faculty with a broad array of pre-award services including refining research ideas, identifying internal and external funding opportunities; analyzing RFP’s; accessing information from a wide range of public and private sector sources to support proposal preparation, formal proposal submission processes, preparing proposal budgets (current overhead rate information, fringe benefits, indirect cost rates and policies), advising researchers on intellectual property policies, reviewing proposals for compliance with University, state, and federal guidelines and laws, and promotes projects among potential funding sources. The College Grants Officer will also assist faculty in completing required internal approval forms (Financial Disclosure/Conflict of Interest Forms) as well as serve as the liaison for completing College and University internal reviews.

See resources for specific support and links.

The College Grants Office works closely with the Institute for Educational Research (IER) in matters involving OSPA and Sponsored Projects Accounting (SPA). Current grants and projects are listed by department and by some Institutes, Centers, Clinics, Labs and Special Offices.

The College of Education’s extramural funding indicates steady growth both in individual awards as well as multidisciplinary, collaborative endeavors.  Descriptions of completed and current funded projects may be found by visiting the website for the Office of Sponsored Projects Information Files (SPIFi). On the SPIFi site, click “Search Now” near the bottom of the page. If you enter the 8GXXX unit and department code (provided below) you can see a list of extramural funding for each department in our college.  The space to enter the department code is near the bottom of the search page.

Unit and Departmental Codes for searching the SPIFi:
Curriculum and Instruction (EDC) 8G020 (859) 257-4661
Educational, School and Counseling Psychology (EDP) 8G030 (859) 257-7404
Educational Leadership Studies (EDL) 8G010 (859) 257-8921
Educational Policy and Evaluation (EPE) 8G060 (859) 257-3178
Kinesiology and Health Promotion (KHP) 8G040 (859) 257-5826
Early Childhood, Special Education and Rehabilitation Counseling (EDSRC) 8G070 (859) 257-3834
Collaborative Center for Literacy Development (CCLD) 8G305 (859) 257-3604
STEM Education (STEM) 8G050 (859) 257-4235
Other Education Units  8G250 (859) 257-6076

The College of Education’s record for grants and research awards shows the diversity of interest among the faculty as well as steady growth in research activity. Currently, there is more than $30 million in active research funding at the College of Education.