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Catching up with Georgia Bell

Georgia Bell and friends at lunch Georgia Bell was born with Cerebral Palsy and Systolic Body Movement Disorder. Her muscles go against what she wants to do. She also has Vision and Hard of Hearing Impairments.  She has always been an active, fun loving child and now – young woman. She will be 16 soon and I just can’t believe it! In...
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Sara at Bluegrass Airport

The inspiring story of Sara as told by her grandmother...

My daughter Dara was born with Charge Syndrome.  My husband and I did not even know what Charge was, but we did our  best raising her.  We loved Dara, taught her boundaries; and she just adored her dad.  When he died,...

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A Day in the Life of Martha Calie

Packages the last of the dog treats for Shoot for the Moon Animal Treats’ sale at Best Friends Obedience – The Deaf-Blind Project was receptive when Martha started baking and wanted to begin her own business. Of special importance was that they understood how the business was totally about Martha, focusing on her love of baking and animals. They assisted...
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Interview with Melinda Morgan

My name is Melinda Morgan and I am the highly motivated and dedicated preschool teacher at Big Creek Elementary. I have retinitis pigmentosa, an inherited degenerative eye disease that causes severe vision impairment. The assistive technology for low vision that was purchased for me has helped me overcome some of the challenges and barriers that I have been dealing with for...
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Interview with Mary Calie

My daughter Martha began her journey with the Deaf-Blind Project at the beginning of 4th grade. It was perfect timing – inclusion was challenging for teachers and they were nervous about the high stakes testing expected at the 4th grade level. Having the Deaf-Blind Project come into the classroom was critical in developing the community of inclusion which became the...