Step 4: Interview for Teacher Education Program Admittance

When you submit your portfolio(s) to 100 Seaton, you will sign up for a 30-minute interview with Teacher Education Program faculty.

  • Interviews for KHP TEP take place the Tuesday prior to classes starting each semester. The program faculty will have access to your application packet and your portfolio(s).
  • Sign up for your interview on the door of 115 Seaton Building or by contacting Heather Erwin ( or 257-5311).
  • Prepare for and attend your 30-minute interview. They are generally held in the afternoon on the Tuesday before classes start. Contact Dr. Heather Erwin ( if you have questions about this.
  • You will be notified about your admission status (accepted or denied) by an email from the program faculty on the first day of classes and a letter from the College of Education within ten business days.