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Teacher Education Program Application Process

Welcome to the wonderful world of teaching – the greatest profession in the world! We are here to help you through the process of applying. Please ask any questions that may come to mind. You can contact our friendly faculty by emailing

Following is information on applying for the Teacher Education Program in Kinesiology & Health Promotion. It is a four step process:

1.      Meet the eligibility requirements.

2.      Complete an application packet.

3.      Submit portfolio(s) for the program(s) in which you would like to apply.

4.      Interview for admittance

The completed application packet and portfolio(s) must be returned by the second Friday in August for an August (fall semester) interview and by the last day of the fall semester for a January (spring semester) interview.  Please contact the staff in Taylor Education Building, Room 166 at 859-257-7971 or Dr. Heather Erwin ( to verify this deadline.

For information about tuition and fees, click here: Information regarding tuition refund policies, deadlines, amounts, and other important information can be found here: