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Regular Courses

Our department offers both undergraduate and graduate courses. A complete list of our regular courses is available online, including syllabi if available. It is strongly recommended that you read a course’s syllabus for a better understanding of the course content and expectations. Go to Course Descriptions and Syllabi.

Internships & Independent Studies

EPE students can receive academic credit for internships by signing up for EPE 790. Before beginning an internship, students work with a designated faculty member and on-site supervisor to determine the work to be completed, as well as set expectations for a final project. A template for the required learning contract can be found HERE. EPE 790 may be repeated to a maximum of 12 credits.

EPE 785 is our independent study course. Students are able to earn up to 3 credit hours of 785. Specific work for independent study is determined with and guided by an EPE faculty member. Some faculty require students to complete a learning contract for EPE 785, to be found HERE.

Special Topic Seminars

Our department also regularly offers special topic seminars. These are courses that arise from current faculty research interests or from student demand in a specialized area. Special topic seminars sometimes have 700-level course numbers; however, they may be available to new doctoral and master’s students. Read the course description for more information on prerequisite skills and knowledge.

Semester Course Schedules

Course schedules for upcoming semesters are published by the registrar online about four months in advance of priority registration. EPE does not have a regular schedule for its courses. However, many courses are offered during the same semester each year and often on the same day and time based on faculty preferences. Check the Schedule of Classes for courses in other departments and past semester schedules.