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Educational Policy Studies and Evaluation is an interdisciplinary department in which historical, philosophical, socio-cultural, and comparative/international perspectives are brought to the study of educational trends and issues, from preschool to graduate and adult education. We offer degree programs for students interested in both academic and applied careers, encouraging students to design a program of study that meets their individual interests. We have both full- and part-time students, and our graduates work in diverse educational and community settings.

Methodologically, our department has something for everyone. We have a strong tradition of field studies in education, emphasizing ethnographic, historical, and context-based research. In addition, over the last decade we have expanded our offerings in advanced educational statistics, measurement, and evaluation techniques, and we are currently designing coursework in social network analysis and related methods. We also encourage our students to study in external departments to develop their skill sets through additional disciplinary tools. Our focus on research methods is a hallmark of our department.

Our Faculty

Our faculty have degrees in a variety of fields and share a common interest in educational questions. Please visit our personnel page if thinking about applying to our department and learn more about the people with whom you’ll be working.  Meet our faculty members.

Our Degree Programs

EPE offers three master’s degrees and two doctoral degrees. We also participate in the College of Education Ph.D. in Educational Sciences degree program.  Go to Degree Program Descriptions.

Our Courses

EPE offers undergraduate and graduate courses. All of our courses are open enrollment with the exception of EPE 601: Proseminar which is restricted to new EPE graduate students. Some courses do have prerequisites or require permission from the instructor. If you have questions about whether or not you are prepared for an EPE course, please contact the instructor for assistance. We welcome students from other departments and colleges in our courses.

Academic Associations

Faculty and students in the Department of Educational Policy Studies and Evaluation are active in these academic associations.