M.S. in Educational Policy Studies

The M.S. in Educational Policy Studies is designed for students who are interested in examining education policy through contextual and analytical lenses. These perspectives include: historical and philosophical, cultural and comparative, or social and political. This degree also provides students with a core suite of policy analysis tools, including courses in quantitative and qualitative research methods. Students in this program will be prepared for a variety of professional and academic placements, including policy analysis, K-16 professional advancement, or further doctoral study.

SPSE Program Planning Worksheet (PDF)

M.S. in Higher Education with Optional Concentration in Student Affairs

This master’s degree serves those contemplating careers in higher education or already working in a college or university. It may also be organized as a foundation for doctoral study. Students may choose to develop a program which examines the history, sociology, philosophy, and/or comparative international analyses of post-secondary settings broadly defined. Students may also choose to concentrate their studies in the field of higher education administration, including student affairs administration. This degree program is compatible with the new Graduate Certificate in International Higher Education for students interested in comparative higher education.

Masters in Higher Education Program Planning Worksheet (PDF)

M.S. in Research Methods in Education

The Master of Science in Research Methods in Education (RMinE), offered by the Department of Educational Policy Studies and Evaluation, will provide students training for careers in settings such as academic institutions, school districts, state and federal agencies, healthcare, and certification, licensing and testing organizations.
Research Methods Master’s Program Plan (PDF)

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Ed.D. in Educational Policy Studies, Measurement and Evaluation

The Ed.D. degree program in Educational Policy Studies Measurement and Evaluation provides advanced study for those who seek careers in the administration or evaluation of educational programs in schools, colleges, or other institutional settings. Ed.D. candidates in the Department of Educational Policy Studies & Evaluation may pursue a variety of research interests including but not limited to post-secondary education, institutional research and assessment, educational measurement and evaluation, P-12 educational policy issues, comparative education, as well as community or continuing education issues.

The Ed.D. differs from the Ph.D. in terms of focus and audience. Ed.D. candidates are prepared to address live or emerging issues in education as scholarly practitioners addressing consequential questions. As such, their work will be relevant to multiple audiences including educational professionals, public policy makers and stakeholders, as well as the field of applied educational research. Ed.D. candidates are expected to have a broad knowledge of research methodologies as applied to specific educational contexts. In contrast, Ph.D. candidates are prepared for in depth investigation of critical questions in education with a goal of contributing new knowledge to the field of education and/or developing existing theoretical knowledge. Either degree is appropriate for those who wish to develop the scholarly competence required for service as faculty members in colleges of education.

EPME Program Planning Worksheet (PDF)

Ph.D. in Higher Education

The Ph.D. program in Higher Education requires research on some aspect of higher education, broadly defined. Students may select an area of concentration from the history and philosophy of higher education, the socio-cultural study of higher education, legal and organizational study of higher education, or research, measurement, and evaluation in higher education. Ph.D. dissertations are expected to advance knowledge in the field and/or further develop existing theory. The program is ideally suited for those who wish to develop the scholarly competence required for service as faculty.

Admission requirements and procedures are the same as for the Ed.D..

SHED Program Planning Worksheet (PDF)

Ph.D. in Education Sciences

The Ph.D. in Education Sciences program is designed for individuals seeking research careers at research-intensive universities, education agencies, research centers, and private organizations. While the program is housed within the College of Education, the Department of Educational Policy Studies participates in two options for the degree: (1.) Educational Evaluation & Policy and (2.) Philosophical & Cultural Inquiry. The Education Sciences program offers considerable flexibility to students seeking to develop rigorous methodological skill sets and/or deep contextual understandings of education policy and practice. For more information about applying please visit https://education.uky.edu/epe/apply/.

Additional information about the program can be found on the College of Education website.

EDSC EEP Program Planning Worksheet

EDSC PCI Program Planning Worksheet

Graduate Certificate in International Education

The Graduate Certificate in International Education prepares graduate students for careers in international education, including but not limited to education abroad, international student services, and placement in other international organizations which support the exchange of students in higher education. This certificate is designed for any University of Kentucky graduate student (or admitted post-baccalaureate student) wishing to enhance their graduate degree.

Intl. Education Certificate Program Plan (PDF)

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Graduate Certificate in Research Methods in Education (RMinE)

The RMinE Graduate Certificate provides students with the ability to specialize in education research methods that can be applied to a host of disciplines, e.g., social sciences, physical sciences, and business. The courses students will take provide them with a foundation in a range of approaches to research, including quantitative methods, assessment, evaluation, and measurement, which can be applied at the introductory level to their specific fields. The program is open to students who want to demonstrate they have completed rigorous coursework in research methods.
Research Methods Certificate Program Plan (PDF)

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