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Educational Leadership Studies Dissertations Titles, 1938-2019

UK students, staff and faculty may read the dissertations from 1996 to the present.
(major professors in parentheses)

Academic Year Graduate Title
2022 William Buntin (Nash) Impacting Website Visitor Engagement Through Information Provision
2022 Nicholas Davis (Ferrigno) Using Communities of Practice to Support At-Home Gospel Learning from a Release-Time Seminary Classroom
2022 Jeri Heileman (Rous) The Power of Connections: An Online Doctoral Program’s Use of Strategic Onboarding to Enhance the Doctoral Experience
2022 Catherine Vannatter (Rous) The Language of Power: An Investigation of How the Macropolitics of Education Policy Affects the Micropolitics of Schooling English Learners
2021 Anthony Arbisi (Ferrigno, Bathon) The Influence of Formal Mentoring on Teacher Beliefs Of K-12 Classroom Technology Use During a Global Pandemic
2021 Bruce Haupt (Nash) Catalyzing Change across Higher Education: Social Capital, Network Leadership, and the Competency-Based Education Network
2021 Todd Norton (Bathon) Leadership Practices of Appalachian School Leaders Utilizing a 1:1 Program for Remote Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic
2021 Amanda Siebert (Nash, Richardson Global Competence and Deeper Learning: An Examination of Current Practices of Secondary Principals
2021 Robert Williams (Nash, Richardson) Administrators Building Social Capital to Foster Informal Teacher Leadership in Type C International Schools in Vietnam
2021 Kimberly Adams-Leger (Rous, Nash) The Public Service Motivation of Kentucky 4-H Youth Development Agents
2021 Richard Burslem (Browne-Ferrigno) Transforming Outcomes to Increase Participation in the Independent Living Program Sponsored by Sunrise Children’s Services
2021 Lori Cambareri Pruyne (Browne-Ferrigno) Action Research as Professional Developoment: Creating Effective Professional Development in Every Classroom
2021 Conrad Davies (Nash) The Effects of a Faculty Coaching Intervention On First-Year Undergraduate Student Academic Confidence: A Mixed Methods Action Research Study
2021 Natasha Davis (Lewis, Rous) A Constructive Approach to Managing Faculty Conflict: An Action Research Study
2021 Joshua Garrett (Björk) International School Heads’ Self-efficacy and Governance: An Intervention
2021 Robert Hullett (Björk) Strategic Educational Leadership Within the Policy-Making Arena: The Promulgation, Passage, and Practice of Tennessee’s High Performing School Districts Flexibility Act of 2013
2021 Jason Johnston (Nash) Distance Education Administrators Starting Online Programs in Higher Education: A Case Study of the Tasks, Processes, and Challenges of Change to E-Learning
2021 Apryl Moore (Nash) Fostering a Sense of Community Among Teachers Via a Community of Practice: A Mixed-Methods Action Research Study
2021 Garrett Rimey (Browne-Ferrigno) Building Communication, Collaboration, and Self-Efficacy among Elementary School Counselors through Communities of Practice.
2021 Bailey Ubellacker (Browne-Ferrigno) An Explorative Study of Kentucky Teacher Leader Graduate Programs: Response to Policy Change
2021 Tony Barrett (Björk, Potterton) Leadership Storytelling of Rural School Superintendents Engaged In Change And Innovation
2021 Ryan Schubart (Richardson, Nash) Leading in the Digital Age: A Multi-Case Study of Leading Digital Citizenship
2020 Klista Rader (Browne-Ferrigno) Instructional Coaching: Developing Efficacy for Project-Based Learning
2020 Chris Lakes (Rous) Responding to Students Experiencing Emotional Distress: An Action Research Study of Professional Learning Experiences for Faculty and Staff
2020 Kaitlin Jackson (Bjork) A Comparative Study of Leadership Styles in International Special and General Education Schools in the United Arab Emirates
2020 John Hill (Nash) The Sound of Leadership: The Self-leadership Strategies of Local Activist Musicians
2020 Garrick Grace (Nash) The Development of a New Instrument Comparing Teacher and Principal Perceptions of School Technology Leadership
2020 Amy DiLorenzo (Browne-Ferrigno) Leading Well: Anesthesiology Program Directors as Servant Leaders and Their Development of Resident Wellness Programs
2020 Kelly Cua (Richardson) A Personalized Approach to Professional Development Through a Community of Practice
2020 Donna Brown (Bathon) The Effects Of School Leaders’ Support On Teachers’ Integration Of Technology In Catholic Schools
2020 William Bacon (Nash) New Teacher Induction: Improving Teacher Self-Efficacy
2019 Jason Wheatley (Lewis) Building capacity through a community of practice for students with moderate to severe disabilities seeking inclusion in higher education
2019 Catherine Nunn (Bjork) Superintendents And The Micropolitics Of Innovation In Rural School Districts
2019 James Decker (Rous) Online Language Acquisition and Leadership in Higher Education-Governed Intensive English Programs: A Rasch-Based Diffusion of Innovation Study
2019 Tyler D. Watts (Nash) Complexity leadership: The role of teaching and learning center leaders in online learning at small, private colleges

2019 Stephanie Anderson (Rous) A leadership perspective on family engagement: Qualitative

2019 Kerry Cronin Mallini (Browne-Ferrigno) Leadership development in physical therapy: Moving toward a community of transformative practitioners

2019 Tanja N. Bibbs (Lewis) Speaking their truth: Black women’s perspectives on executive-level administration in higher education

2019 Andrea Allen Deal (Lewis) Navigating the career pipeline: Experiences of female community college presidents

2018 Dana Specker Watts (Richardson) The relationship between professional development and professional captial: A case study of international schools in Asia

2018 K. Amy Lawyer (Bjork) Leadership styles of state extensions specialists

2018 Yvette Kell (Lewis) An exploration of emotionally intelligent leadership in collegiate recreation student employees and their own perceptions of their emotional intelligence and emotionally intelligent leadership

2018 Bobby Ann Lee (Rous)
2018 Timothy D. Tanner (Rous) The infuence of transformational middle leaders on work-life balance

2018 Taylor J. Clements (Browne-Ferrigno) Informal teacher leadership for technology intergration: A multi site case study of distributed leadership

2018 Trisha Clement-Montgomery (Lewis) Collaboratively-Led living learning programs: An exploration for how collaboration is facilitated between student affairs and academic affairs in LLPS

2018 J. Lail (Bjork) Building Teacher efficacy: Challenges of creating communities of practice among new teachers and veterans teachers in a toxic work environment

2017 Ann Elizabeth Ingram
Enhancing the Culture of Professional Learning in a High Performing School

2017 Jason L. Wheatley (Lewis) Building capacity through a community of practice for students with moderate to severe disabilities seeking inclusion in higher education

2017 Heidi Thompson-Abell (Browne-Ferrigno) Constructive Conflict as a Means to Promote Individual Growth and Organizational Learning

2017 Jennifer Shoemake (Browne-Ferrigno) Most Likely to Succeed: The Exploration of Factors Affecting Successful Completion of a Practical Nursing Program

2017 Dunn, Kevin Ray (Rous) Evaluating the quality of online courses within the Kentucky Community and Technical College system (KCTCS)

2017 Heintzelman, Sara (Rous) Integrating Technology to Engage Students with EBD: A Case Study of School Leaders Support

2017 Adams, Chithra (Nash) Exploring Leadership Behaviors Exhibited by Evaluation Team Leads during Innovation

2017 Rebecca G. Roach (Lewis) By need and By Name: School leaders fostering environments for grandparents raising grandchildren

2017 Carrie Elizabeth Eubanks Morris (Toland) Toward assessment leadership: Study of assessment practices among school and classroom leaders

2016 Hollis, Ericka Tonise
The growth of online education programs has become a pressing and rapidly changing issue faced by faculty members and leaders in higher education.This study investigates the consideration and adoption of online education by presidents of traditional liberal arts colleges.

2016 Page, Sarah Jill
An Exploratory Study of Presidential Decision Making in the Kentucky Community and Technical College System

2016 Flora, Kevin L
How University Department Heads Have Encountered and Overcome Adaptive Challenges in Student Persistence: An Application of Critical Incident Technique

2016 Allen, Rachel Anne
How Principals Encourage a Culture and Climate of Creativity in Their Schools: Attributes and Actions

2016 Green, Jennifer
The Phenomenon of Teacher Leadership during the Adoption and Implementation of a Dual Language Education Program for English Language Learners: What Teachers’ Narratives Reveal about School Leadership and Cross-Cultural Communication

2016 Sandra Gillilan
Change is Conflict:  Exploring Relationships Between Cognitive Styles and Conflict Management Styles of University Administrators at a Large Flagship University

2016 Scott Matthew Niles
Environmental Change and Adaptation in Kentucky Emerging Research Institution Sponsored Programs Offices: A Multiple Case Study

2016 Victoria Sherif
The Voice of Rural High School Youth: Qualitative Secondary Analysis and Youth Leadership Modeling

2016 Todd Baldwin
Implementing Kentucky’s College Readiness Agenda: An Organizational Perspective of Policy Implementation

2016 Melissa Elaine Wainwright
Collective Leadership Practices That Assure High Levels of Student Learning for All: High School Implementation of Response to Intervention

2016 Jill L. Janes
The Sensemaking Experience of Newly Appointed District Teacher Leader Coordinators: A Case Study

2016 Jeremy Lucian Daniel Watts
An Exploration of Teacher Retention in Rural School Districts in Eastern Kentucky

2016 Karen Thomas McNay
Experienced Kentucky Female Superintendents’ Perceptions of Political Leadership

2015 Kyle Andrew Lee
The Influence of Collective Instructional Leadership on Teacher Efficacy

2015 Jeff Stamper
A Study of Teacher and Principal Perceptions of Professional Learning Communities

2015 Julia Kristine Buchanan
The Role of Kentucky State-Supported Postsecondary Education in Creating a Healthier Citizenship

2014 Ryan Clark
Fostering Organizational Learning: Superintendent and Principal Relationships.

2014 David Rust
The Effect of the Emotional Intelligence of Teachers on Student Academic Achievement

2013 Anysia Ensslen
Experiences of speech-language pathology graduate students: An exploratory phenomenological study.

2013 Jonathan Parrent
Community College Student Affairs Leadership and Institutional Effectiveness: A Multiple-Case Study.
2013 Eric Brooks
Transformational Leadership Behavior of Athletic Directors.
2013 Khalil Graham
California Tournaround Schools: An Analysis of School Improvement Grant Effectiveness.

2013 Amanda Ellis
The Role of Teacher Leadership in P-12 Schools: Perceptions of Principals and Teachers.
2013 Matthew Thompson
Principals’ Perceptions of Experiences that Helped Improve Their Practice as Instructional Leaders.
2013 Kristan M. Yates
Measuring Transformational Leadership in Athletic Training: A Comparative Analysis.

2013 Nada El Majzoub
Support Services and Programmatic Interventions Four Year Colleges and Universities Have in Place to Increase Degree Attainment Among Students with Academic Needs

2012 Xavier J. Webb (Nash/Royal) Measuring Job Satisfaction Among Kentucky Head Principals Using the Rasch Rating Scale Model

2012 Randy Napier
The influence of corporate leadership and management on a public school district

2012 Susan McLaughlin
An Exploration of an Elementary School’s High Accountability Scores on Statewide Testing.
2012 Deborah Murray (Björk) Diffusion of key health messages in the community utilizing the cooperative extension service: Are social networks among family and consumer sciences extension agents a factor in the diffusion of health information dynamic

2011 Charles Hamilton (Björk/Browne-Ferrigno) Perceptions of Kentucky high school principals and superintendents on the role of the superintendent influencing principal instructional leadership.
2011 Amelia Brown
College Decision-Making Process of Students from Rural Areas in Kentucky
2011 Lisa Eddy
The Effects of Mobility on Student Achievement
2011 Brenda Voris
(Björk / Browne-Ferrigno)
Teacher Efficacy, Job Satisfaction, and Alternative Certification in Early Career Special Education Teachers
2010 Dale Winkler
Teacher Attitudes Toward the Consequences of Pay for Performance Incentives
2010 Thomas Aberli (Browne-Ferrigno) Job Satisfaction and Professional Growth Experience of Urban School Administrators
2010 Charles Duane Crowe (Björk) A Comparison of Student Achievement in Language Arts Between Heterogeneously Ability-Grouped and Homogeneously Ability-Grouped Students in the Same High School Setting
2010 Alyce Emerson (Harris/Logan) Dropout Prevention: A Study of the Transition Education Program in the Fayette County Public Schools
2010 Margaret Quintero (Björk/Rous) School Climate and Teacher Empowerment in Small Learning Communities
2010 Rebecca Simms (Hausman/Browne-Ferrigno) An Analysis of the Outcomes of Dual Enrollment Participants in Kentucky Community & Technical Colleges: 2001-02 to 2007-08
2009 Steven Estep
Teacher Practices in a High Performing, Appalachian Rural High School
2009 Greg Finkbonner (Björk) A Comparison of Student Achievement Between Highly Qualified and Non-Highly Qualified Teachers in Kentucky
2009 Mary Katherine Griffin-Jenner (Hausman) Work-Based Learning: Who’s Participating and Why?
2009 Shannon Harr
Predicting Student Persistence Using Developmental Education Courses
2009 Carol Patrick (Hausman) A Comparison of Achievement Gains for Full-day and Half-day Kindergarten Students
2009 Glenda Patton
Exploring the Leadership Styles of Community-Based Early Childhood Education Program Director
2009 Jennifer Robinson (Björk) Teacher Leadership and School Reform: A case Study of the Accelerating Student Achievement Project in a Central Kentucky School District
2009 Antonio Shelton (Rous) Accessing the Superintendency: Identifying the Assets of an African American, Female Superintendent
2009 Lisa S. Allen (Hausman) Differentiating Professional Development for Teachers: How Teachers Develop and Implement Professional Growth Plans
2009 Kathlyn Burkhardt (Hausman) The Effect of Out-of-School Suspension on the Academic Achievement of Secondary Students
2009 Carmen Coleman (Hausman/Björk) Principal Attitudes Toward Pay for Performance Incentives for Teachers
2009 Anthony Donkor (Björk) Parental Involvement in Education in Ghana: The Case of the Hope International School
2009 Amy Galloway (Hausman) Teacher Attitudes Regarding What should be Included in a Performance Pay Model by Teacher and School Background
2009 Robert Hall
Parental Choice of Nondenominational Christian Education: Reasons for Choice, Exit, and the Types and Sources of Information Used
2009 Francis O’Hara (Logan/Hausman) Kentucky’s Response to the Vocational Education Act of 1963: Leadership for the Development of a Unique System of Secondary Area Technology Centers
2009 Johnathan K Rogers (Hausman) The Relationship Between School Culture and Student Academic Achievement
2009 Mike Sander (Hausman) CATS as a Predictor of Student Success in Post-Secondary Education
2009 Anna Marie Tracy (Hausman)  Analysis of ESL Teacher Endorsement Effects on English Language Learners’ Student Achievement and English Language Acquisition
2009 Sheli L Wilson (Hausman) The Effects of the Emotional Intelligence of Elementary School Principals on Student Achievement
2008 Laura Michelle Blake (Hausman) Teacher Quality: The Impact of Accreditation and Institutional Quality on Teacher Inservice Placement and Student Achievement
2008 Patricia C Watson (Björk) Principal Leadership: A Case Study of a District Leadership Academy
2007 Nathan Robert Ambrose (Knoeppel/Logan) Overcoming Barriers to Student Achievement: A Cross-case Analysis of How High Poverty Schools Become High Achieving Schools
2007 Janet Marlene Ratliff (Björk) The Impact of Differentiated Compensation on Special Education Teacher Retention in a Public School District in North Central Kentucky
2007 Kelly S Mullins (Browne-Ferrigno/Rinehart) Kentucky Community and Technical College System From Inception to 2005
2007 Debra Plank White (Rinehart/Björk) The Influence of High School Setting on Kentucky Students Completing a Baccalaureate Degree
2007 Bonnie Nicholson (Logan) Consolidation of a Community and Technical College
2007 Lucinda T. Sanders (Scollay) Not for Them: Women and the Public School Superintendency
2007 Rita J. Prichett (Scollay/Tice) The Battle Between Promise and Privilege: The History of women’s basketball at the University of Kentucky 1972-2002
2006 Virginia Hess (Björk/Browne-Ferrigno) The Effects of Differentiated Compensation on Teacher Retention in a Hard-to-Staff Urban Middle School
2006 Barry Pelphry
A Case Study of Kentucky’s First African American School Superintendent
2006 Matthew DeMattina (Logan) Student Perceptions of Online Learning as a Delivery System for a Work-Related Continuing Education Course: A Case Study
2005 Michael Gam
Power, Politics and the Restructuring of Higher Education Governance in Kentucky
2005 Donna Kerley (Rinehart) Exploring Connections Among Relational Trust, Teacher Efficacy, and Student Achievement
2005 Deborah Mapp-Embry (Logan) Teacher’s Sense of Efficiency and African American Student Engagement: A Case Study of Classes in a Selected Kentucky Middle School
2005 Dennis Shoulders (Lindle) The Perceived Role of the Superintendent in School Board Member Development
2004 Terry Brown
The Nature of Alternative School Programs in Kentucky: An Exploratory Study
2004 Susan Compton (Björk) Barriers to Women in the Superintendency in Kentucky
2004 John D. Dobbs (Rinehart) The Role of Effective Schools Correlates Among Alternative Placement Programs in the Prediction of Dropout Rates in Kentucky Public High Schools
2004 Susan Foust McDonald
Barriers to Women in the Superintendency in Kentucky
2003 Lana Lewis Bastin (Lindle) Professional Development and Teacher Learning Styles: Selected Kentucky Teachers’ Perceptions About School-based or State-Designed Professional Development
2003 Robert J. Bell
The Relationship Between the Politics of Superintendency – Board Relations and Professional Socialization of Superintendents in Kentucky
2003 Richard Elliott Day (Scollay) Each Child, Every Child – From Equity to Adequacy in Kentucky Schools: The Legacy of the Council for Better Schools
2003 Jone J. Goodman (Björk) Principals’ Perspectives on Interagency Collaboration
2003 Karen Marie Heim-Baugh
A Case Study of Inter-institutional Collaboration in a Middle School
2002 Susan Foust McDonald
What Do Kentucky Principals Do with State Mandated Assessment Results: A Multiple Case Study of Three Elementary Schools in One District
2002 Henley McIntosh (Rinehart) Descriptive Profile of Parental Involvement in Selected Kentucky Middle Schools
2002 Jerry Wallace Ralston (Rinehart) Adequacy and Equity of Facility Funding for the Kentucky Public School System
2002 Rodney Dean Grusy (Logan) Precision Farming in Kentucky:  Evaluating Public and Private Sector Influence on the Adoption Decision
2002 John Mathew Mowbray (Logan) Factors Affecting Turnover of County Extension Agents in the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service
2002 Barbara Herndon Vick (Rinehart) Comparisons of Student Achievement in Kentucky School Districts Allocating Minimum and Above Minimum Levels of Instructional Funds During the Late Years of Systemic Reform
2001 Beth Shanks Rous (Lindle) Instructional Leadership in Kentucky Public Preschool Programs: Teacher Perceptions of Leader Instructional Influence
2001 Brenda Hauser (Rinehart) A Comparison of Principal Perceiver Themes Between Highly Successful and Less Successful Principals in a Selection of Public Elementary Schools in Kentucky
2000 Abolfazl Gholamimehra (Byers/Warner) An Assessment of factors Affecting the Competency of Agricultural Mechanization Programs and Teachers in the Islamic Republic of Iran
2000 Doris Barlow (Logan/Harris) Kentucky’s Star Professional Development Network: Perceptions of Effectiveness in Improving Student Achievement in Low-Performing Schools in 1996-1997
2000 Lori Henderson
(Van Meter)
The Development of an Elementary School’s Consolidated Plan for Improvement: A Case Study of a Newly Established Kentucky School-Based Decision-Making Committee Structure
2000 Lonnie Laney (Rinehart) Investigating Scores From Students With Special Needs On The Outcome Of A Statewide Accountability System: The Study Of One Rural Kentucky School District
2000 Sam Rich (Lindle/Scollay) Teacher Job Satisfaction as it Relates to School-Based Decision Making in Three Western Kentucky Elementary Schools: Perceptions of a New Element in Teaching
2000 Margarita Rupp
(Van Meter)
Expanding the Concept of Effective Schools: Measuring the Instructional Environment for Learning.
2000 Alesa Walker
One School’s Experience with School-Based Decision Making: Perceptions of School Climate
1999 Arthetta Jane Browning
(Scollay / Rinehart)
Questions of Equity: Kentucky Authentic Assessment Reading and Mathematics Results Compared by Sex and Location
1999 Patricia Coon-Knochelmann (Rinehart) Micropolitical Behaviors of Principals in Rewarded and Sanctioned High Schools in the Reform State of Kentucky
1999 John T. Decker (Scollay) An Examination of Kentucky School Districts’s Instructional Per Pupil Expenditures and Academic Performance at the Eighth Grade Level in Mathematics and Reading
1999 Alvan Cordell Hadley, Jr. (Van Meter) The Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States (AMCSUS) and the Struggle for the Survival of Military and Preparatory Schools in America
1999 Marian Siler Sumner (Lindle) An ‘Attitude Disability’ or a ‘Peculiar Bent of Genius?’: An Exploratory Study of Selected Kentucky Middle Schools’ Discipline Policies and Practices
1999 Nancy Rebecca Waldrop
The Office of Education Accountability: The Crucible of Kentucky Education Reform
1999 Teresa Taylor Wallace (Van Meter) Motivation Levels and Factors Influencing the Motivation of Teachers in Differing Circumstances of Teaching Based on Herzberg’s Motivator-Hygiene Theory
1999 Zella Faye Wells (Rinehart) Kentucky Intern Principals and Assistant Principals: Job Responsibilities and Work Differences
1998 Ora J. Cobb
Analytic Approach for Middle School Principals in Raising KIRIS Achievement Scores: A Case Study of At-Risk Students Participating in Selected Intervention Strategies
1998 Terri J. Cox-Cruey (Scollay) District Technology Coordinators: Change Agents in Kentucky’s Age of Technology
1998 Karen Patrice Frohoff (Lindle) The Roles of Special Education Administrators and Principals in Kentucky
1998 Charlene Walters Jacobs
Effect of Age on Motivation and Individual Motivation Factors of County Extension Agents in Kentucky
1998 Tony Thomas Ross (Rinehart) Exploring Connections among Teacher Empowerment, Teacher Efficacy, Transformational Leadership, and Student Achievement
1998 Crickette Elizabeth Todd
(Van Meter / Logan)
Superintendency Turnover in Kentucky in the Aftermath of Statewide Systemic Education Reform
1997 Mark Richard Brown (Russo) School-Based Decision Making and the Implementation of Instruction, Scheduling, and Assessment Practices in Kentucky Middle Schools
1997 Becke Joceil Cleaver (Lindle) The Response of Two Kentucky Urban School Districts’ Central Administrations to Imposed Systemic Reform
1997 Jackie A. Kearns (Lindle) The Role of the Elementary Principal in the Professional Development of Teachers: A Multiple Case Study
1997 Robert John Storer (Van Meter) Leadership Characteristics of Public High School Principals in School-Based and Non-School-Based Decision-Making Schools in Kentucky: Exploring the Concept of Transformational Leadership
1997 Carolyn Wells
(Van Meter)
Changes in the School Superintendency in Kentucky in the Aftermath of Mandated Statewide Education Reform: Perceptions of Role Incumbents
1996 Kasundra D. Cyrus (Harris) Family Resource and Youth Service Center Coordinators: An Identification of Leadership Roles
1996 Dale D. Duvall (Rinehart) School Districts’ Per Pupil Instructional Expenditures and Student Academic Performance at the Fourth-Grade Level in Mathematics and Reading as Measured By the Kentucky Instructional Results Information Assessment Program
1996 Patricia Kay Gilmore (Van Meter) Evaluation of the Science Component of the K-3 Partnership for Reform Initiatives in Science and Mathematics in Kentucky
1996 Cathy Sue Jording (Rinehart / Johnson) Kentucky Primary Programs: Principals’ Beliefs About Early Childhood Education and Selected Demographic Characteristics
1996 Michael W. Kessinger (Rinehart) 1996Districts Per Pupil Instructional Expenditures and Academic Performance at the Twelfth Grade Level in Reading and Mathematics as Measured by the Kentucky Instructional Results Information System Assessment Program
1996 Bonnie M. Sigafus (Scollay) The Complexity of Professional Life: Experiences of Adult Students Pursuing a Distance Learning Doctoral Program in Educational Administration.
1996 Russell Wall
School-Based Decision Making and the Empowerment of Kentucky’s Secondary School Teachers.
1996 Rosa Lee Weaver (Van Meter) Innovation Propensity of Teachers and their Acceptance and Implementation of the Primary School Programs in Kentucky
1995 J. Paige Carney (Steffy) The Use of Effective Change Characteristics in Implementing Kentucky’s Primary Program: A Case Study
1995 George Joseph Gerl (Van Meter / Scollay) Leadership Behavior and School-Based Decision-Making Council Member Satisfaction in Kentucky High Schools
1995 Robert Stephen Hutton (Scollay) Leadership Behavior and School-Based Decision Making Council Member Satisfaction in Kentucky Elementary Schools
1995 Mary Margaret Kindel (Van Meter) Computer Attitudes and Use of Public Secondary School Teachers in Kentucky
1995 Carolyn Sue Martin (Van Meter) The Process of School-Based Decision Making in Selected Kentucky High Schools Operating with Mandated SBDM Councils
1995 Cynthia Marie Mason (Rinehart) An Examination of Kentucky Public Secondary Teachers’ Perceptions Toward Their 1994-95 Professional Development Experiences
1995 Clifford Bernard Perkins, Jr. (Lindle) A Study of the Relationships of Gender, Ethnic Origin, and Student Program Classification and Scores on the Battelle Developmental Screening Inventory as They Relate to Preschool Programs in Kentucky
1995 John Cosby Settle (Steffy) An Exploratory Case Study of Professional Development and Other Critical Elements in the Implementation of the Primary Program in Eight Kentucky Public Elementary Schools
1995 Sandra Fey Kestner (English) A Study of Selected Programmatic and Personal Factors Associated with Reading and Math Achievement Scores of Adult Basic Education Students in Kentucky
1994 Ray Vaughn Read (Van Meter) Principals’ Perceptions of the Policy Development Process of School Councils in Kentucky
1994 David C. Schadler (Scollay) Leadership Behavior and School-Based Decision-Making Council Member Satisfaction in Kentucky Middle Schools
1993 Keen Johnson Babbage (Van Meter) District Policies Establishing School-Based Decision-Making in Selected Kentucky School Districts – Process, Procedures, and Implementation
1992 Fred Raymond Bassett (Van Meter) Student Dropout Prediction: Examining School District and Individual School Variations in Reference to a Common Predictor Model
1992 Pamela Rogers (Faber) The Perceptions of Kentucky Elementary Teachers Serving on School Councils Regarding Decision Making Authority of Teacher and School Councils
1992 Paul Arthur Weaver (Van Meter) The Whitley County Story: A Case Study of State Intervention into a Poor, Rural Appalachian Kentucky County School District
1991 Raul Fernando Lagos (Faber) A Comparative Study of the Personnel Evaluation Standards of the Joint Committee on Standards for Education Evaluation and the Standards Used in the State of Kentucky and in Selected School Districts
1991 Angela Wilkins (Faber) Parenting and Family Life Skills Education: A Study of the Legislative Mandate and Model Curriculum Development in Kentucky
1990 Marlene DoraEthel Helm (Ogletree) The Relationship of Participation in Extracurricular Activities to Self- Concept and Achievement Among Students in Junior High School in Fayette County, Kentucky
1990 Michael Leon Hicks (Ogletree) A Comparative Study of Kentucky Teachers’ Perceptions of Their Freedom to Make Educational Decisions
1990 Josephine Ann Orange (Van Meter) Instructional Leadership of Kentucky School Principals in Elementary Schools of Various Effectiveness.
1989 Victor Ballestero (Ogletree)  A study of the relationship between teachers’ perceptions of selected school factors and student academic achievement in selected elementary schools in Fayette County, Kentucky
1989 Helen Faye Harrah (Ogletree) A Comparison of Locus of Control, Dogmatism, and Receptivity to Change Among Elementary and Secondary School Teachers in Three Designated Regions in the State of Kentucky
1989 Thomas Richard Mowery (Ogletree) A Descriptive Study of the Extent of Kinship in Kentuckys’ Public Schools.
1989 Molly Jane Sullivan (Faber) Reasons Given by Parents for Transferring Students from Public to Private Schools in Fayette County, Kentucky.
1989 Karla Marie Thompson (Van Meter) An Evaluation of the Provo City, Utah School Districts Elementary Writing Program: Examining a Process Approach to Writing
1988 Ricardo Almeida-Uranga (Ogletree) An Input-Output Study of the Kentucky Education System
1988 Charles Anthony Guarino (Faber) Employment Status of Mildly Handicapped Students Who Graduated from Vocational, Academic, and Occupational Work Experience High School Education Programs
1988 Glenn Ronald Hickey (Van Meter) School Programs for At-Risk Students: A Case Study of Project Transition, a Kentucky Alternative In-School Program for Eighth Grade Students.
1988 Larry Eugene Kelsch (Van Meter / Ogletree) Gender Difference Treatment of Students in Vocational Education: An Examination of Teacher-Student Interactions in Kentucky Secondary Vocational Education Classrooms
1988 William Jesse Lacefield (Ogletree) Kentucky School Board Members’ Perceived Involvement in Policy-Formulation and Policy-Implementation Relative to Selected Tasks
1988 Michael Erwin Norman (Faber) Identification of Important Competencies for Special Education Administrators and the Degree to Which Those Competencies Were Addressed in Preservice Training Programs as Perceived by Special Education
1988 Michael Lee Wells (Ogletree) The Relationships Between Sixth Grade Students’ Perceptions of Selected School Factors and Their Academic Achievement in Selected Fayette County, Kentucky Elementary Schools.
1988 Marium Williams (Van Meter) Early Childhood Educational Intervention: An Analysis of Nicholas County, Kentucky Head Start Program Impacts From 1974-1986.
1987 Sally Ann Henry (Ogletree) . A Study of the Relationships Among Selected Factors Affecting Kentucky Teachers’ Instructional Technology Use in the Elementary Classroom.
1987 Norma Jean Wacaster (Faber) Project Vision: A Study of the Development of a School-Based Partnership at the State Level
1986 Meredith Kay Adler (Faber) Relationships Between Labeled Emotionally Handicapped and Non-Labeled Students in Perceptions of School Climate, Alienation, Teacher-Student Relation- ships, and Opportunities for Participation in Ext
1986 Judy Lynn Archer (Faber) The Staff Development Needs of School Food and Nutrition Program Managers in the State of Georgia.
1986 Myron David Barnett (Van Meter) Kentucky Elementary and Secondary Principals’ Reactions to Performance- Based Pay for Teachers
1986 John H. Brock (Faber) A Study of the Relationship of Pupil Achievement Test Scores to Pupil Expenditures and Selected District Socio- economic Variables
1986 Franklin Lyles Foster (Faber) Stress Perception Among Kentucky Secondary School Principals.
1986 Richard Hughes (Ogletree) A Study of the Relationship of School Climate, Managerial System, Pupil Control Ideology, and Student Academic Progress in Selected Kentucky Secondary Schools.
1986 Susan Louise Leib (Ogletree) The Development of a Special Program Planning Paradigm and Its Application to Three Special Programs Designed and Implemented by the Kentucky Department of Education.
1986 Bernard Irvin Minnis (Faber) An Analysis of Biracial Learning Teams and Their Effect on Cross-Racial Relationships.
1986 William Glenn Smith (Ogletree) Kentucky School Board Members’ Perceived Involvement in Policy-Determination and Policy-Execution Relative to Selected Tasks.
1985 Sarah Monita Laws (Faber) Relationship Between Teacher Perceptions of Principal Leader Behavior and Teacher Attitudes Toward Evaluation in Kentucky Public Schools
1985 Charleen Margaret McAuliffe (Faber) A Study of Perceptions of the Essential Task of Elementary Principals as Reported by the Elementary Principals and Central Office Staff Members of the Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of Louisville
1985 Stanton Anthony Simandle (Faber) Teacher Pupil Control Ideology as a Predictor of the Responsiblity Teachers Assume for Student Academic Success and Failure.
1984 Robert Sherrill Boggs (Faber) An Analysis of the Cost-Quality Relationships in Selected Elementary Schools in Kentucky
1984 Carol Deen (Faber) Compatability of Vocational Preferences and Volunteer Placement as a Factor in Volunteer Job Satisfaction.
1984 Nak Jin Moon (Faber) An Analysis of Problems in Participatory Decision-Making by Elementary School Teachers.
1984 Mary Eve Proffitt (Ogletree) Parental Involvement and Perceptions of Schools
1984 Ruby Kathy Smoot (Faber) A Study of the Leadership Behavior of Florida Extension Administrators
1984 Ronald John Snavely (Faber) Performance Appraisal of Public School Superintendents: A Survey of Current Evaluation Practices in the United States
1983 Leo Floyd (Faber) The Impact of Busing on Student Achievement.
1983 Ralph Waldo Nevels (Ogletree) The Relationship Between Teacher Professionalism and Job Satisfaction.
1983 Rita Carole Price (Faber) The Relationship Between Education Level of Superintendents and Their Leadership Behavior.
1982 David Barrow Jenks (Ogletree) A Study of the Adoption of a State Mandated Citizenship Education Course in Kentucky by the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education in 1979.
1982 Ben Richard Oldham (Ogletree) The Longitudinal Effects of Pupil Retention Practices in the First Three Grades.
1982 Ronald Stephen Pelfrey (Ogletree) Factors Influencing High Ability Students in Fayette County to Pursue Four Years of Mathematics.
1980 Donald Lee Martin, Jr. (Kincheloe) The Relationship Between Certain Family, Personal, and Other Characteristics of Drop-Outs in Kentucky Public Schools.
1980 Garnet Worthington (Faber) Study of the Perception of the School Superintendent’s Role Expectations.
1979 Gayle Ecton (Faber) A History of the Lincoln School, Simpsonville, Kentucky 1966-70
1979 Francine Dawn Edwards (Kincheloe) A Model of the Information Flow in Which the Principal is the Central Figure.
1979 Paul Wesley McNeill (Faber) School Desegregation in South Carolina 1963-70
1979 Sharon Imogen Robinson (Faber) An Analysis of Administrator Discretion and Its Impact on Black Student Suspensions.
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