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Rebecca Krall
114 Taylor Education Building
(859) 257-2176

Dr. Krall joined the faculty in the Department of STEM in fall 2003. Dr. Rebecca Krall came to the university after completing her doctoral degree in science education at the University of Virginia. She also holds a B.A. in elementary education from Virginia Tech and a M.Ed. in science education from the University of Virginia. She served as a classroom teacher in grades 6 – 8 for seven years in Virginia public schools prior to pursuing her graduate degrees.

Dr. Krall’s current research interests include examining strategies for preparing preservice science teachers to effectively use educational technology in science instruction, exploring ways to use educational technology tools to support inquiry learning in elementary science, examining teachers’ content knowledge in science topics they are expected to teach, and exploring how professional development programs in science improve teachers content knowledge and teaching practice, and how teachers’ participation in such programs subsequently effects student learning.

Vita (PDF)

Research categoriesScience Education, Elementary Education, Teacher Education, Middle Level Education, STEM Education