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Mark Samudre
232 Taylor Education Building

Mark Samudre is an Assistant Professor of Special Education in the Department of Early Childhood, Special Education, and Counselor Education. Prior to his time in higher education, Dr. Samudre was an elementary special education teacher of students with high-incidence disabilities in the DC Metro Area. He then pursued his doctoral studies at the University of Kentucky from 2015-2019. Dr. Samudre joined the faculty at the University of South Carolina from 2019-2023 before coming back to the University of Kentucky as a faculty member in special education.

Dr. Samudre has taught courses in classroom and behavior management, applied behavior analysis, co-teaching, and instructional procedures to support students with high-incidence disabilities.

Dr. Samudre's research focuses on training and coaching to support teacher implementers of behavioral supports. His most recent research has focused on supporting general education teachers on their implementation of targeted behavioral supports using resource and time-efficient coaching frameworks.

Selected Publications

Samudre, M. D., LeJeune, L. M., Anderson, E. J., Viotto, J., Brock, M. E., & Nichols, H. (2023). A meta-analysis on behavior support training and general education teacher implementation. Exceptional Children.

Samudre, M. D., & LeJeune L. M. (in press). The effect of a feasible coaching intervention on general educators’ treatment fidelity to a multi-component behavioral intervention. The Elementary School Journal.

Samudre, M. D., Allday, R. A., Jones, M., & Fisher, A. (2023). Behavioral skills training to teach pre-service elementary general educators to conduct descriptive assessments. Preventing School Failure.

Samudre, M. D., LeJeune, L. M., Ascetta, K. E., & Dollinger, H. (2022). A systematic review of general educator behavior management training. Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions, 24(1), 69-84.

Samudre, M. D., Burt, J. L., & LeJeune, L. M. (2022). An adaptation of multi-tiered systems of professional development to support teacher implementation of tier 2 behavioral supports. Beyond Behavior, 31(2), 80-91.