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Lars Björk
111D Dickey Hall
(859) 257-2450

Dr. Björk has co-edited: Higher Education Research and Public Policy (1988),Minorities in Higher Education (1994), and The New Superintendency: Advances in Research and Theories of School Management and Educational Policy(2001) and The Contemporary Superintendent: Preparation, Practice and Development (2005). In addition, he has co-authored, The Study of the American Superintendency 2000: A look at the Superintendent of Education in the New Millennium (2000), The Superintendent as CEO: Standards-based Performance(2005) and is a contributing author in The School Superintendent: Theory, Practice, and Cases(2006). He has held faculty appointments at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland and the Ministry of Education (PRC), National Training Center for Secondary School Principals (Shanghai). He was a Fulbright Scholar (2009, Finland) and helped conduct their national superintendent study.

He has consulted with Universities in the United States, Europe and China, school districts, state governments, national associations, international agencies, and on committees and task forces in the United States Department of Education. In addition, he has presented keynote addresses at international conferences on educational leadership.

Research categories: Educational Leadership, Education Reform, Superintendency