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Kristina Hains
124 Taylor Education

Dr. Kristina Hains is an Associate Professor and Leadership Development Specialist for Extension at the University of Kentucky. Just recently, she became a new member of the Department of Educational Leadership Studies and is acting Program Chair for the Leadership for Community Education & Human Development (LCE) undergraduate major. In addition, she is also co-founder of the Community Innovation Lab (CIL), a social sciences research lab with a strong focus on innovative community education and leadership research/practices.

Dr. Hains served as Editor of the Journal of the International Agricultural & Extension Education (JIAEE) for 6 years. Within the realm of Extension, Dr. Hains has worked extensively to encourage cultural and leadership development and continues to stress the importance of effective community education on both domestic and international fronts. Dr. Hains’ research and programming interests include intrapersonal leadership skill development, the importance of social, emotional and cultural skills for community engagement, and community leadership development. Finally, Dr. Hains has a strong belief in the importance of international and cultural exposure for students and community members, through research and professional/student international study experiences.


Research categories: Community leadership, international leadership development, Community education, Community engagement, Extension