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Joseph Hammer
243 Dickey Hall
(859) 257-4158

Dr. Hammer received his PhD from Iowa State University in 2015. Dr. Hammer’s program of research seeks to improve health by increasing access to healthcare.  To accomplish this goal, members of the HAMMER (“Help-seeking And Multicultural Measurement Evaluation Research”) Lab study help seeking (e.g., “What factors stop people from seeking professional healthcare when they need it?”) and culturally-sensitive measurement (e.g., “How can we measure the spirituality of religious and non-religious people in a valid and consistent manner?”).

Dr. Hammer teaches Counseling Theories, Techniques, and Practicum.  He is a Licensed Psychologist in Kentucky and uses an integrative treatment approach (ACT, CBT, EFT) that prioritizes mindful awareness of cognitive, emotional, interpersonal, and cultural processes.

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Research categories: Help Seeking

Meet the Faculty - Joseph Hammer, Ph.D.