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Headshot photograph of Dr. Amanda Lannan
237D Taylor Education Building

Dr. Amanda Lannan is an assistant professor in the visually impaired, teacher preparation program at the University of Kentucky. She brings 13 years of classroom experience as a teacher of the visually impaired, special educator, and general education teacher. Her prospective as a blind individual, educator, and researcher, brings a unique, synergistic approach to STEM research involving individuals with disabilities. She is a faculty director of the Plans to Achieve Transition program which provides employability skills training to transition age students who are visually impaired or DeafBlind. Selected as a 2021 fellow by the National Science Foundation for CADRE, (Community for Advancing Discovery Research and Education), Dr. Lannan contributed her expertise in the use of assistive technology and tactile learning to finding innovative solutions to increase equitable access to high quality mathematics instruction for students with disabilities.