Student Stories

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Wonderfully Lost

By Haleigh LeCompte Oakhill School Knysna, South Africa I left the States running, searching desperately for the type of change and self-clarification that only comes as a result of being completely and utterly thrown out of the nest. I wasn’t scared, or even overly excited; I was numb, running headdown, full force into something big--something new. Crossing through security, I transcended...
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By Dustin Roberts Right now I’m sitting in my room in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, sweating with the fan blowing on me. I just checked the weather back in Lexington, and it’s freezing with a forecast for snow. While I mull over the seasonal difference, the amount of time I’ve been here, and how much I’ve changed, home has never felt...
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Living the German Dream

By Rachel Marazzi, Social Studies Education Last January, when I was preparing to leave for a semester abroad to student teach in Cologne, Germany, I would have never guessed that I would be writing an article about my experiences from my own apartment in Frankfurt, Germany. 2012 has been an incredible year for me. I moved to Cologne in January to complete...