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The graduate program offers both the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees with a specialization in human biomechanics. Faculty members from Kinesiology, Health Sciences, and Engineering work together in this multidisciplinary field. Students working in biomechanics have access to both the Biodynamics and Musculoskeletal Laboratories. These laboratories have state of the art motion capture, electromyography and force measurement capabilities as well as specialized equipment such as the Alter-G treadmill used on a 2009-2010 NASA project. These facilities enable students to address critical problems related but not limited to sport,exercise, health, aging, space science and ergonomics. Students take course work in a variety of disciplines and work directly with faculty on research projects. Students are encouraged to undertake individual research projects, present them at national and international meetings and prepare manuscripts for publication. Graduates from this program are teaching at other colleges and universities, working in industry, and have gone on to other graduate programs or medical school.


Biomechanics curriculum (PDF)  Masters Degree

Biomechanics curriculum (PDF) Ph.D.


Fan Gao, Ph.D., Director

Mike Samaan, Ph.D., Co-Director

Affiliated Faculty

Tim Uhl, Ph.D., ATC

Tim Butterfield, Ph.D., ATC

Brian Noehren, PT, Ph.D.