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Summer 2023, Dr. Marilyn Campbell is offering Faculty-Directed: Nutrition and Physical Fitness in Greece. This experience will allow students the opportunity to explore basic nutritional principles as they relate to physical fitness in a traditionally and historically-rich location. We will compare and contrast aspects of the American diet and the well-studied Mediterranean diet through various food- and physical activity-related excursions. Students will have the opportunity to study the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid and reflect on differences in nutrition and physical activity practices common to this area that contribute to health promotion.

Additionally, students will be exposed to agricultural activities, cultural happenings, and food preparation techniques common to this area. This will enrich the understanding of basic nutritional principles as they relate to physical fitness and the athlete. This class is geared at addressing basic nutritional needs that apply to people of all activity levels and considers practical applications and current trends. For more information, check out the program page.

KHP students are allowed to participate in education abroad programs offered at the University of Kentucky, KHP faculty, or by other partner consortia. They can find more information about these programs here: