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Coaching is an act of preparing or developing a person or team of people in a particular sport. The goal is for the coach, or teacher, to support the athlete(s) in achieving a specific goal by providing training and guidance. It involves aspects of physical education pedagogy, health promotion, and kinesthetic principles in preparing athletes for performance.

The curriculum for the coaching minor arms students with foundations of coaching, psychological and sociological aspects of coaching, and strategies for team development. Additionally, an independent study in which students assist with coaching a local team of athletes prepares them to experience working under a mentor, to learn different coaching philosophies, to train athletes, and to coach in game conditions.

This minor allows the student to select a number of electives, which may include strength and conditioning principles for sports, basic exercise physiology, athletic training content, sports officiating, sport management information for organized sports, and more advanced psychology of sport and physical activity content.

Program Plan

The minor in Coaching requires 18 credit hours as follows:

Required Courses:

KHP 280: Introduction to Coaching (3)

KHP 395: Independent Study in Kinesiology and Health Promotion (3)

KHP 300: Psychology and Sociology of Physical Education and Sport (3)

KHP 580: Group Dynamics in Sport and Physical Activity (3)

Electives (choose 6 or more hours from the following):

KHP 190: First Aid and Emergency Care (2)

KHP 205: Kinesiology for Health and Physical Education (3)

KHP 319: Sports Officiating (1)

KHP 340: Athletic Training (2)

KHP 350: Strength and Conditioning for Sports (3)

KHP 473: Management of Sport (3)

KHP 546: Physical Education Workshop (3)

KHP 547: Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity (3)

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