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The Research Methods in Education (RMinE) Graduate Certificate provides students with the ability to specialize in education research methods that can be applied to a host of disciplines, e.g., social sciences, physical sciences, K-12 instruction/administration, and business. The certificate combines 12 hours of core courses and 3 hours of elective coursework for a total of 15 hours.

Students will receive a foundation in a range of approaches to research, including quantitative methods, assessment, evaluation, and measurement, which can be applied at the introductory level to their specific fields. The program is open to all University of Kentucky students admitted to the Graduate School who want to demonstrate they have completed rigorous coursework in research methods.

Course of Study (15 Credits)

  • EPE/EDP 557: Gathering, Using and Analyzing Educational Data I
  • EPE 619: Survey Research
  • EPE/EDP 620: Introduction to Evaluation
  • EPE 663: Field Studies in Educational Settings
  • One elective

See also course descriptions and syllabi.
Certificate Admission Process
Application for the Research Methods Certificate must be made before completion of coursework for the certificate.  Award of the Graduate Certificate in Research Methods requires formal admission to the certificate, approval of a Course of Study Worksheet and Certificate Completion Worksheet.  Admission to the RMinE Certificate Program requires that applicants:

  • Satisfy requirements of the graduate school for admission to certificates (see the Guidelines for Graduate Certificates).
  • Complete the Research Methods Certificate course plan.
  • All students wishing to pursue a graduate certificate must submit an application through the Graduate School. This may seem excessive, particularly in instances where a certificate is nested within a graduate program. However, this is the only way we can accurately report total certificate enrollment.
  • To encourage compliance with this enrollment requirement, effective Fall 2016, there will be no application fee for currently enrolled graduate students. Students applying exclusively for a certificate will be charged the standard $65 fee.
  • To date, the Graduate School has applied the policy that credit hours accrued toward a graduate certificate can also be applied toward a master’s, specialist, or doctoral degree.

Certificate Administration
The Certificate director is Dr. Kelly Bradley, Department of Educational Policy Studies & Evaluation. She can be contacted at and by phone at (859) 257- 4923.