This course is constructed to link reflective practitioner objectives of the MIC program to scholarly interests of "social foundations" faculty in the UK College of Education. The implicit objective of social foundations courses (e.g., Philosophy of Education, History of Education, Politics of Education, etc.) is to assist students in understanding the social nature of education in our society; to think critically and reflectively about education; and to recognize education as an area of inquiry in which systematic study can benefit practice. In the MIC version of this very abbreviated course, we will attempt to more explicitly link ideas and perspectives in course materials to the aims and interests of future reflective practitioners (you are they). Substantive origins and methodologies found in the "social foundations" course typically come from outside academic specialties like those enumerated above. That is, there are many academic historians and sociologists and political scientists and anthropologists, etc., who are quite interested in formal schooling as a social and cultural enterprise even though they do not work in schools themselves, nor are they interested in "improving" them
Prerequisite(s):   Admission to the M.A. in Education - Secondary with Initial Certification Option
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