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The Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education (non-teacher certification) program at the University of Kentucky prepares students to work in a variety of settings with children from birth through age five. You will learn to develop age-appropriate lesson plans; assess child behavior; plan, implement, and monitor interventions, and assist families; collaborate with professionals from multiple disciplines, and serve in administrative roles. You will learn to consider all aspects of the child’s environment- home, school, and neighborhood. 

As an early education professional, you have a part in building the foundation for a child’s entire education. You will find that a career in the field of early childhood education is both rewarding and impactful, as you establish the child and family’s first impression of learning in an educational environment. 

We encourage you to explore our Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education (non-teacher certification) program and our world-class program faculty.


Why You Should Enroll

The Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education (non-certification) major allows individuals to support young children outside of the classroom, as child development specialists and family support liaisons. This major does not require a student teaching component, thus individuals are allotted autonomy and flexibility in their field-based experiences for learning to support young children and their families.


Program Details

Delivery Method: In-person

Credit Hours: 120

Time to Completion: Refer to the Curriculum Guide in the following section for the courses needed to complete this program.

Tuition Cost: Refer to Full-time per Credit Hour Rates for Undergraduate Students on the UK Tuition and Mandatory Fees page.


Curriculum Guide

The B.S. in Education degree contains three steps:

  1. UK Core requirements
  2. Program related studies courses
  3. Professional education component

Below is a template of the course progression followed by Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education (non-certification) students.



Year 1

Semester 1 (16 course hours)

UK Core- Composition & Communication I : CIS or WRD 110 (3)

UK Core- Quantitative Foundations: MA111- Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics (3)

UK Core- Social Science: EPE 174- The College Student (3)

PSY 100- Introduction to Psychology (4)

IEC 120- Introduction to IECE (3)


Semester 2 (15 course hours)

UK Core- Composition & Communication II: CIS or WRD 111 (3)

UK Core- Humanities: HIS 108- UK History Until 1877 (3)

STA 210- Statistical Inferential Reasoning (3)

EDS 375- Introduction to Teaching Exceptional Children (3)

BIO 102- Human Ecology (3)


Year 2

Semester 3 (15 course hours)

UK Core- Global Dynamics (3)

UK Core- Arts and Creativity (3)

UK Core- US Citizenship: HIS 109- UK History after 1877 (3)

IEC 255- Child Development (3)

EDP 202- Human Development and Learning (3)


Semester 4 (17 course hours)

Graduation Comp and Comm Requirement (GCCR): EPE 301- Education in American Society (3)

IEC 256- Guidance Strategies for Young Children (3)

IEC 260- Curriculum Planning in IEC (4)

BIO 103- Introduction to Biology (3)

BIO 111- Introductory Biology Lab (1)

Free Elective Course (3)


Year 3

Semester 5 (15 course hours)

Apply to the Teacher Education Program

IEC 512- Language and Literary for Young Children (3)

EDS 513- Legal Issues in Special Education (3)

EDS 530- Moderate/Severe Disabilities (3)

SOC 101- Introduction to Sociology (3)

Free Elective Course (3)


Semester 6 (15 course hours)

EDS 516- Principles of Behavior Management and Instruction (3)

IEC 546- Transdisciplinary Services for Young Children (3)

IEC 557- Infant Development (3)

IEC 522- Children and Families (3)

Free Elective Course (3)


Year 4

Semester 7 (15 course hours)

IEC 507- Assessment of Young Children (3)

IEC 508- Advanced Curriculum Planning in IEC (3)

IEC 509- Intervention Planning for Children with Special Needs (3)

IEC 510- Practicum in IECE (3)

IEC 552- Admin and Supervision in IEC Programs (3)


Semester 8 (12 course hours)

IEC 510- Practicum in IECE (9)

IEC 523- IEC Administrative Practicum (3)




Advising & Contacts

Prospective Students who are not currently enrolled in courses at UK can contact the College of Education Director of Recruitment for information on the program.

Advising for Current Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education (non-certification) students. Students are assigned to an advisor based on the first letter of their last name.