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Program Description

Specialist Degree (Ed.S.) programs are individually planned for an in-depth study in an area of special education. In addition to coursework, the program requires a research project with a written product for completion. On occasion, students seeking a doctorate degree elect to first earn a specialist degree in order to gain research experiences prior to conducting a dissertation. Other individuals use the specialist degree program to meet Rank I teacher certification requirements.

Additional individual objectives may be appropriate for this degree. Individuals interested in this program should contact the department’s Director of Graduate Studies for Special Education.

How to Apply

The following material is from the UK Graduate School Bulletin description of Specialist in Education.

Program applicants must meet the following prerequisites:

  1. Completion of a master’s degree,
  2. A 3.4 GPA or higher on all graduate work,
  3. Meet the requirements for a teaching certificate or have credentials appropriate to the field of specialization, and
  4. Have completed at least 30 semester hours in courses in education (graduate and undergraduate).

Program Plan

The student must earn a minimum of 30 credit hours of graduate work beyond the master’s degree, of which at least 15 must be in courses numbered 600 or above.

A departmental committee is responsible for helping students plan individual programs. The program should contribute to specialization in a field.

The student must complete an independent research project (equal to 3 but not to exceed 6 credit hours) and submit a written report, a copy of which is to be filed with the department directing the research.

With the approval of the Director of Graduate Studies and the Dean of the Graduate School, the student may transfer a maximum of 9 credit hours earned beyond the master’s degree from an accredited institution that is approved to offer work above the master’s level.

The final examination required of all candidates is administered by an examining committee consisting of at least three qualified members recommended by the adviser and the Director of Graduate Studies and appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School.