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Who We Are

At our student-led clinic, we focus on training caregivers to implement effective strategies to manage challenging behavior and increase social and communication skills.

Our graduate student therapists are obtaining degrees in applied behavior analysis (ABA) and are receiving education and training to become a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA). All services provided by graduate students are overseen by board-certified faculty members in our Applied Behavioral Analysis academic program.

Because we are a parent-training clinic, your child’s success is largely dependent on your participation in implementing the recommended behavior plan. Once you are trained, you will be responsible for collecting data and following through with the program at home.

Our Services

Caregiver Training in the Treatment of Challenging Behavior

Does your child currently have tantrums or engage in problematic behaviors that interrupt day-to-day activities? Would you like a plan to improve your child’s behavior?

Caregiver training in the treatment of challenging behavior operates on a unique 5-appointment model. Some examples of challenges behavior commonly addressed are aggression towards self or others, destruction to property or toys, and general tantrum behaviors. Services are provided either in-person or via telehealth. We help you identify why your child is engaging in a behavior, then help you decrease that behavior while increasing appropriate alternative behaviors. 

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Caregiver Training to Increase Socialization, Communication, and Play

Do you want to learn how to grow your child’s communication abilities through age-appropriate and meaningful play activities?

Caregiver training to increase socialization, communication, and play helps empower families with strategies to promote skills at home and related settings, using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. As part of our student learning clinic, all sessions are led by a team of master’s level students and overseen by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. The initial appointment includes a series of observations and assessments of your child’s communication, play, and related skills, like imitation. The following 5 appointments include implementation, training, and coaching of strategies to promote your child’s communication and play goals.

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Kindergarten Readiness Summer Camp

Provide your child the opportunity to learn at K-Ready Camp. Designed for children ages 4 to 6, campers learn kindergarten-readiness and friendship skills in an inclusive, diverse, and supportive environment. Applied Behavioral Analysis graduate students and UK College of Education faculty, including a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, oversee camp. Camp provides an opportunity for learning during age-appropriate activities, using the principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis. Children take part in a variety of small-group activities such as art, snack, reading, and more. We will have 6-10 campers each week. Income-based, partial scholarships are available upon request.

For more information, please contact us at or call (859) 562-2430.

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