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Here current MIC students will find the information and forms necessary for successful completion of the MIC program. More details and tips can be found in the MIC Student Manual (PDF).

Course Sequence

Fall Term:

  • EDU 645/SEM 770 – Foundations of Pedagogical Theory and Practice in the Secondary School (3 hours)
  • EDC 632 – Subject Area Pedagogy in the Secondary School (3 hours)
  • EDC 638 – Technology Education (1 hour)
  • EDC 639 – Teaching Diverse Learners (1 hour)
  • EDP 658 – Problems in Educational Psychology (1 hour)
  • EDS 604 – Issues in Special Education (1 hour)
  • EPE 773 – Seminar in Educational Policy Studies (1 hour)

Spring Term

  • EDC/SEM 746 – Subject Area Instruction in the Secondary School (9 hours)
  • EDC 637 – Building Culturally Responsive Classroom Communities (1 hour)
  • ELS 691 – Legal Perspectives for Teachers (1 hour)

In addition, students are required to take 9 graduate elective hours (which we recommend completing the summer term PRIOR to the official start of MIC coursework). However, due to a recent change in state policy, one of those elective courses must be:

  • EDC 533 – Teaching Adolescent Literacy Across the Disciplines (3 hours)

Students wishing to teach overseas must take:

  • EDC 554 – Student Teaching Abroad

Student Teaching

Student teaching is an integral part of the MIC program, offering our graduates the tools and networking opportunities only afforded through the real-world experience of teaching in a classroom.  Students can apply for local or overseas student teaching opportunities:

Necessary Forms and Procedures

In order to progress in the MIC program, timely completion of certain forms is integral to ensuring a smooth transition from coursework to graduation.  The following forms will be pertinent in this process: