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The MAT in Education will provide candidates interested in teaching secondary STEM disciplines with a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), allowing you to teach appropriate courses in grades 8-12. You will need an undergraduate degree (or recognized equivalent) in the STEM discipline to be admitted. This program is designed as a hybrid online/on-campus format and gives students two pathway options: one-year pathway and two-year pathway. Additionally, you will need to have passed the GRE or equivalent Praxis exams. Once admitted, you will be required to attain 31 credits. The required coursework will include a sequence of methods / seminar classes, as well as classes in core education areas such as educational psychology, special education, education policy, literacy, and assessment. Students in this program will also need to complete six elective credits from options within the College of Education or the College of Arts & Sciences, to be approved by the appropriate program chair.

The program follows a clinical model and provides student with ample practical experience with a sequence of university research / industry externships, diverse field placements, and student teaching. Students will need to successfully complete the Praxis exam in their area of certification, as well as the Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) Praxis. The remaining exit requirements for program completion include a passing mark on the master’s exam and completion of an online portfolio of key assignments tagged with accompanying standards. Meeting the exit requirements will result in an approval for certification to accompany the approval to receive the master’s degree.

Required Materials:

  1. Passing GRE scores within the past 10 years. Minimum scores are as follows: Q: 143, V: 150, A: 4.0. Praxis I scores can replace non-passing GRE scores. Minimum scores for the Praxis 1 are as follows: R: 156, W: 162, M: 150
  2. Cumulative Undergraduate GPA requirement of 2.75. If this requirement is not met a student can use an overall GPA of 2.75 in their last 30 hours instead. Secondly, a content GPA of 2.75 in the area of certification (mathematics for example) is also required.
  3. Official transcripts: official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended must be submitted to the Graduate School (send to The Graduate School, Attn: Admissions Office, 201 Gillis Building, Lexington, KY 40506-0033) – unofficial transcripts can be submitted to initiate application process, but all admissions are contingent upon receipt of official transcripts
  4. A short statement about your career goals and interests
  5. Three letters of recommendation (the online system will email your references to submit their letters)
  6. Interview with STEM Ed faculty specializing in your area of interest (Interview will be scheduled upon completion of application materials)
  7. Onsite writing sample prior to interview
  8. $65.00 admissions fee paid in full (international students: $75.00)

Gather the required materials and submit an application to the Graduate School.

Applications are accepted throughout the academic year. In order to guarantee accept/deny decision and time to enroll, domestic applications must be submitted AT LEAST one month prior to the beginning of the semester in which you wish to enroll. International applications must be submitted by March 15 (to start during the fall) and by August 22 (to start during the spring).

The onsite writing sample and interview can be conducted virtually in cases where applicants are not living within driving distance of UK.

When applying, select master’s degree for the admission category, select secondary STEM Education for program, and select summer for intended start date.

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This program would be appropriate for those who want to teach mathematics, science or engineering at the high-school level. You must have a degree in a STEM field related to traditional certification areas (mathematics, biology, chemistry, earth science, engineering, physics). If you do not have a degree in a STEM field, then undergraduate hours equivalent to that degree will also be accepted, which is typically around 30 hours of coursework in one area.

It is the most compact program of its type in Kentucky. In the Master of Arts in Teaching program at the UK College of Education, you will have unique opportunities for industry job-shadowing, university research or informal STEM teaching experiences that many other programs do not offer. You will have access to both urban and rural schools in which to complete your required field experiences. Further, you will have the opportunity to choose a one-year program or complete your degree in two years, depending on your unique career and personal needs.

There is a critical need nationwide for teachers with expertise in the STEM fields. If you have a passion for STEM, you could inspire the next generation of mathematicians, scientists, engineers, programmers, and more. As a STEM teacher, you will have more diverse professional growth opportunities than teachers in other areas. STEM teachers are in high demand, and over the last several years, the job placement rate has been 100 percent for graduates of the University of Kentucky College of Education’s master’s degree program leading to initial certification in STEM subjects.

  • Introductory methods course combined with externship (research or informal STEM teaching experience)
  • 2 elective courses
  • Embedded methods course combined with diverse field experiences
  • Cohort classes in educational psychology, special education / classroom management, and school policy
  • Rotating methods course combined with full-time student teaching
  • Assessment course and possibly final elective
  • Praxis content exam taken in summer or fall
  • Principles of Learning and Teaching taken in spring
  • Master’s exam (applied knowledge)

You will be certified to teach STEM courses in grades 8-12, at any school in Kentucky. To learn more about reciprocity agreements, visit our Certification by State page.

For information regarding refunds, please visit the UK Student Account Services website. It is there you can find tuition refund policies, deadlines, amounts, and other important information.

Number of Credit Hours: 31 credit hours
Number of Courses: 8 core courses, 2 electives
Number of Semesters:

  • One year pathway: 3 consecutive semesters (summer, fall, spring)
  • Two year pathway: 6 consecutive semesters (summer, fall, spring, summer, fall, spring)

Program Type: Hybrid Online/On-Campus
Program Cost: See the University of Kentucky Tuition information.

  • Undergraduate degree in a STEM discipline or recognized equivalent
  • Undergraduate GPA of 2.75 or greater
  • GRE scores must meet the following minimums: Verbal 150; Quantitative 143; Analytical Writing 4.0, or substituted scores on Praxis core skills

Deadline Information

Admission: This program operates under a rolling admission policy where students can apply anytime from September 1-May 1.

Financial Aid: Apply by February 1 to be eligible to apply for financial opportunities.

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State Authorization & Licensure

If you plan to complete a University of Kentucky online program while living outside of Kentucky, you should check the Out-of-State Students page to determine if the University of Kentucky is authorized to provide this program in your state of residence. If you plan to use the degree to seek licensure, you should also determine if the degree meets the educational requirements for licensure in your state.

Refund Policies

You can find tuition refund policies, deadlines, amounts, and other important information on the UK Student Account Services website.