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Hildi Nicksic
128 Seaton Center

Dr. Nicksic – teacher, reader, runner, nature-lover – joined the University of Kentucky faculty in 2022. A native Oregonian, she spent 16 years in Texas prior to moving to Kentucky. She holds a doctorate in Health Behavior and Health Education from The University of Texas at Austin, and taught for seven years in the health division at Texas A&M University in College Station. With over ten years of experience as a public school classroom teacher in grades ranging from kindergarten through seventh, Dr. Nicksic is passionate about teaching and strives to provide students with meaningful learning experiences that facilitate critical thinking and application of content to real life. Her primary interest is classroom physical activity, which refers to student engagement in movement within the general education classroom as facilitated by the classroom teacher. As a member of the Department of Kinesiology & Health Promotion, Dr. Nicksic serves as the Program Faculty Chair for Health Education and is delighted to be preparing UK students to teach and support holistic wellness!

Vita (PDF)