Biodynamics Lab Faculty and Graduate Students

About the Lab

The Biodynamics Laboratory is a research and education facility that is shared by the Department of Kinesiology and Health Promotion, College of Health Sciences and Center for Biomedical Engineering. The lab contains state of the art equipment for the purpose of conducting biomechanical analyses. The mission of the lab is to further our understanding of the relationship between biomechanics and human health and performance, and to disseminate this new information to UK students, the local community, and scientific community worldwide.

Biodynamics Lab

MDS Building

Location & Contact

Fan Gao, Ph.D., Director
Michael Samaan, Ph.D., Co-Director
161 Multidisciplinary Science Building
725 Rose Street
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506-0082
(859) 257-4664

Lab Equipment

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Motion Capture System
Motion Analysis Corporation

  • 16 Eagle/Eagle 4 Motion Analysis Cameras
  • 4 Raptor Motion Analysis Cameras
  • Cortex
  • EVaRT
  • 3 Separate Data Capture Setups (1 Portable)

Force Plates
Kistler Instrument Corporation

  • 2 Piezoelectric Force Platforms
  • 2 Portable Piezoelectric Force Platforms


  • 2 Large Bertec Force Platforms

Noraxon USA, Inc.
MyoSystem 1400

  • 12 Channel EMG
  • 4 Channel Electrogoniometer

Delsys Corporation

  • 16 Channel Delsys Bagnoli System


Research Bikes

  • RacerMate
    1 Velotron Elite Cycle Electromagnetic Ergometer
    2 Custom 2D Pedal Dynamometers


  • Velotron Coaching Software
  • Velotron 3D Software

*Video, Force Plates, Force Pedals and EMG data have synchronized collection.


  • 2 Digital Camcorders

Analysis Software


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