Program Overview

The health promotion (non-teaching certification) program is designed for those interested in seeking employment in a community health setting or going to graduate school in a health-related area. The 30-hour major also requires students to complete one or more University-approved minors (18-21 hours).

Students who major in health promotion complete major courses within the department, along with a University approved minor, a program-related course sequence, and a professional education course sequence.

The health promotion program ensures an understanding of and knowledge about the structure of the health promotion discipline through the content and methodology courses in human health and wellness, drug education, nutrition, sexuality education, and program planning in health education. The purpose of health promotion is to promote quality of life for all people. This area of study is interdisciplinary, extending into biology, psychology, sociology, and medicine. Health promotion generally focuses on the whole individual, including social and emotional dimensions, not just the physical.

Health Promotion (Non-Teaching) Curriculum

Program Description

The B.S. in Health Promotion requires completion of the following:

  1. UK Core requirements
  2. Specified course work in Program Related Studies and Professional Education
  3. Health promotion major
  4. Completion of a university-approved minor

Is a Career in Health Promotion Right for You?

Are you interested in how lifestyle affects health, or do you pay close attention to the latest health news? Are you concerned about lifestyle trends that may be impacting the health of our communities? Do you like to solve problems?

With a degree in health promotion non-teaching certification, you will be eligible to take the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) exam, apply to graduate schools in health related areas of study, seek employment in hospitals, health departments, worksite wellness, state or national agencies and organizations, or other similar settings.