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The Kinesiology and Health Promotion Teaching Specialization focuses on connecting theory of effective teaching processes and the practice of effective teaching in physical education. In addition to learning about appropriate teaching methods, students in the program will graduate with valuable experiences in the field. PLEASE NOTE: This degree does NOT lead to teacher certification


Teaching Specialization Curriculum (PDF)

Specific targeted research areas of the program include school-based physical activity promotion, physical activity in after-school programs, and measurement in the areas of physical activity promotion.


Aaron Beighle

Heather Erwin

Students will conduct research based on individual interest within the field and engage in hands-on learning with professors, undergraduate physical education teacher education students, and elementary/secondary students.

Job Opportunities

  • Teaching and research in higher education
  • Physical education teacher (rank advancement)
  • Intramural positions
  • Athletic Director
  • YMCA
  • Park Districts

For more information on the Teaching Emphasis, contact Dr. Heather Erwin (