College of Education Donors

Inspire a student by establishing a scholarship. Support innovation by donating to the exciting changes happening in the College. Inquire about how you can be involved in making a difference.

Twenty-first century learning and innovation is upon us. In the last three years, the College launched the Kentucky P20 Innovation Lab: A Partnership for Next Generation Learning. This exciting concept, housed here in the College of Education, will improve learning for ALL students throughout the state. We will need support from many to sustain this unique opportunity for UK faculty and researchers training school districts to become high-performing, technology-rich learning communities.

We were also very fortunate this past year to create the first-ever College of Education Board of Advocates. The Board is comprised of alumni and friends who are engaged and interested in our work here in the College. They listen and advise on what the needs of the community are and how we can provide the best educators.

We look forward to working with alumni to create more scholarships for Education students; we hope to see an increase in the funds we raise to assist students who want to travel abroad to fulfill their student teaching requirements; We hope to see the Kentucky P20 issue-based labs make a real difference for schools and school children across the Commonwealth. There is no limit to realizing the vision for the College as long as we all share in the financial responsibilities before us, and capture the opportunities to be part of the future now.

The financial needs of the College are constantly changing as the needs of the academic departments and programs evolve and grow; we want to support as many students as possible through scholarship aid during these difficult economic times. It is through the generous support of our alumni and friends that we are able to do all of this. Please know that each and every gift to the College of Education is sincerely appreciated.

Don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions about making a gift to the College. We would love to hear from you and share ways in which your gift would be best utilized.